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Chinese New Year 2014 make nations erupt in joy

When China welcomed the dawn of the Chinese New Year 2014 on January 31, it wasn’t just the Asian nation who decided to celebrate.

Chinese New Year 2014
Photo by Oscar Siagian/Getty Images

The West too has taken interest in the Lunar New Year , with 15-day festivities ready to be kicked off.

From China to Australia, the whole of the globe begin their celebrations when the first new moon of the Lunar New Year rises and will continue to be part of all the fun till the end of the full moon day, said an IBTimes report on January 31.

In Australia, people of Sydney have geared up for a three-week festival, no less. In what could be the world's largest Lunar New Year festivals outside China, Australia gets into festivities mode in gay abandon.

For the US, the Chinese New Year turns out to be a tourism boon, with more and more Chinese planning holiday visits to the American shores.

It has been reported that 1.5 million Chinese tourists had visited the US in 2012, and spent more than $8.8 billion. The numbers are expected to zoom this time around.

Termed the Year of the Horse, this year London too is all lit up for the festivities. The European destination joins Australia as the biggest ever lover of the Chinese New Year festivities.

Parades, entertainment shows, shopping fun and the color Red take over every nook and corner of the world where the New Year is celebrated.

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