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China train station knife attack illustrates helplessness of unarmed victims

Tip of the iceberg: Chinese police unload thousands of seized guns and knives to be melted down as a part of a futile campaign to fight “illegal” possession.
China Photos/Getty Images

27 people are dead and another 109 are wounded following an attack by “a group of knife-wielding men” at a southwestern China train station, the Associated Press reported Saturday, referencing “the official Xinhua News Agency.”

The attack, “one of the deadliest ... in China in recent years,” resulted in several attackers, reportedly wearing uniforms, being shot by police, but not until after they’d managed to kill and injure so many defenseless people at the station.

“China has seen a number of mass stabbings and other attacks,” the report continues, making fair the question of why it is evidently so easy for assailants armed with knives to rack up body and injury counts rivaling and exceeding many shootings that have happened in the U.S.

A plausible explanation is that all of China, like the sites of domestic mass killings, are government-mandated “gun free zones.”

Per, a Sydney School of Public Health project providing an online compilation of global gun statistics and law summaries, “In China, civilians are not allowed to possess any firearms.”

Not unexpectedly, even in China, disarmament of those who refuse to comply is a pipe dream. And when terror strikes, the "law-abiding" are left to run, hide, scream, fall, bleed out and die until "authorized" armed responders show up on scene.

As has once again been made clear, the only thing that can stop committed killers is other people with guns. The question then becomes who those people should be, and whether Americans should adopt a Chinese-style monopoly of violence police state, with attendant restrictions on other rights the state feels should not be permitted, or if freedom, with all the risks and costs that it entails, provides the greatest opportunity to fulfill human potential.

Who really are the human rights violators?


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