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Chelsea Manning to be in military lockup and get sex change

Chelsea Manning
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Chelsea Manning is get the sex change that he wants and it will all happen in a military jail. On Friday, New York Daily News shared that the Pentagon has approved this sex change. He will even stay in a military prison instead of being sent to a civilian prison like was discussed earlier.

Manning is a transgender ex-intelligence analyst. Chelsea is now staying in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and that is where the treatments will be happening. He has shared that he feels like a woman trapped inside of a man's body and that he wants to go ahead and become a woman.

At this time, Manning still has to be treated as a man and wear men's underwear. This will change at some point during treatment and Manning will also go through a lot of counseling to make sure that this is the right thing. At this time, Chelsea Manning is staying in an all male prison. The exact treatment and how it will go down has not all been revealed yet.

Manning's lawyer, David Coombs, wanted him to stay in the military prison because it is safer than a civilian prison. At some point, obviously they will have to move him if he gets to the point where he is considered a female and can't be at a male prison anymore. This is the first request ever of a male military inmate to get sex change treatments while in lockup like Manning is right now.

His lawyer is very happy and spoke out saying, "It has been almost a year since we first filed our request for adequate medical care. I am hopeful that when the Army says it will start a 'rudimentary level' of treatment that this means hormone replacement therapy."

Advocate shared a picture of what Chelsea Manning thinks he will look like as a woman. The face looks a lot the same, but in the drawing he has a lot longer hair and it is down around his shoulders. It is blonde like his hair is today.

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