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Charitable individuals serve the homeless in DuPage County

There should never be homeless children anywhere in this world!
There should never be homeless children anywhere in this world!

With angst we are realizing more and more that there are greater numbers of homeless children residing in DuPage County. Many people are wondering why – and what it is we can all do about it.

St. Michal Catholic Church as well as many other faith-filled churches and organizations in Wheaton, Illinois are continuously encouraging their communities to reach out in one way or another. When children realize that the work they do could just as well be affecting a classmate, they get seriously onboard.

While it is good to give clothing and toys that they have outgrown or no longer use, it is also very beneficial for kids to get involved at a higher level. PADS in Wheaton help provide bagged lunches for the homeless community that church groups can volunteer to prepare, while some other churches open their community centers to allow the homeless individuals a place to get supper, to sleep and get breakfast before once again hitting the streets – bagged lunch in hand.

The seriously sad predicament is when children volunteer to help setup the beds or serve the food, they know the hidden secret that the homeless children hope to hide for fear of further rejection. This is especially true when the homeless children are their classmates!

Another sad fact is that many times one or both parents of these children are indeed working, but with rising costs – due to one world predicament or another (the long winter ruining or delaying crops for example), middle- to lower-class families cannot afford even a minimalistic lifestyle with the bare essentials such as shelter and food.

The Daily Herald’s Robert Sanchez addressed this issue in today’s paper with his article entitled, “Kids without a home.” In fact, the article stipulated that the DuPage Homeless Continuum of Care (DHCC) was established in order to develop strategies to end homelessness in the county.

There are actually 58 social service agencies and municipalities that have conjoined efforts by becoming part of DHCC. Together they are seeing answers as to how to end this wide-spread issue.

In the meantime, the good people and church-goers will continue their efforts to provide the basic necessities required by school children and their parents; providing charitable works with smiles in an attempt to brighten the lives of the less fortunate in their communities.

Carol Simler, DHCC Chairwoman and also the Executive Director of PADS, said it well when she stated, “No one deserves to be homeless in DuPage County, and DuPage County does not deserve homelessness.

It is a proven fact that together, we can all make a difference, and this will have to due until homelessness ceases!

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