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Change your thinking: Change your life

Change your thinking: Change your life
Change your thinking: Change your life
photo by Ty iGodMind

Our thoughts are incredibly powerful ideas that shape our reality. We are where we are in life because of how we think. Negative thoughts can lead us down a road filled with strife, and positive thoughts can take us on a journey filled with joy.

What you are thinking can make or break you. So when negative thoughts enter your mind, replace them with positive ones. You can brighten your day just by looking on the bright side of things. You are the source of your misery and the creator of your joy. Being happy is a healthy choice. You must think happy thoughts to be happy in life. As you think, so shall your life be.

A few years ago, I met a young man that was interested in talking to a girl in his class. Everyday he would see her and his insides would yearn for her love. With great admiration, he would watch her from a far. Then one day, he mustered up enough courage and made up his mind that he was going to introduce himself to her.

Well, the moment came, but before he could accomplish his goal, doubtful thoughts entered his mind. “Who am I kidding? She’s not gonna like me.” He believed. “She’s into athletes, and look at me I’m skinny.” He beat himself up until there was no more room in his mind to store another negative thought. He became discouraged because he allowed doubt to steal away his confidence.

Later that week, the girl he admired, started dating one of the guards on the basketball team. The young man mourned for days after realizing that his window of opportunity had past him by. As he imagined, happened. He invented the idea of her liking athletes, and eventually his worse nightmare became true. He thought himself out of the equation and created his own unhappiness.

What am I saying? Don’t think negative! Not for a second, a minute or an hour. All through the day, fill your mind with conquering thoughts, and before you know it, victory will be yours.

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