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Chained dog found - inhumane, barbaric and unpunishable

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Death came as a welcome respite from a life of misery for one dog in Alabama yesterday.

Truth be told, though this happened in Alabama and occurred yesterday, the location and the date are of little relevance.

What is important is the cruel act itself.

Unfortunately, it was not a singular "act" of cruelty - it was a lifetime of cruelty inflicted upon one dog.

The dog was discovered in Alabama with a rusty, heavy, old tow chain around his neck. The dog, who likely never had a name, was released from his hellish existence by those who discovered him.

Why was his euthanized, some might ask?

A lifetime of existing in a world devoid of socialization...lacking in love or attention, had so badly damaged this dog's psyche that the only option was to let him go.

This dog's miserable past had wasted his body and destroyed his temperament. His life had been surrounded by the most cruel form of abuse - absolute neglect and isolation.

Yet in Alabama, there is no punishment for such a crime. According to an employee of the Birmingham-Jefferson County Animal Control:

in the state of Alabama a chained dog is considered "property".

Taking a dog off of a chain under any circumstances without law enforcement is punishable by law as "theft of property". The dog from yesterday was left chained on a right of way and there is no owner to charge nor a property owner to hold responsible.

The dog who drew his last breath yesterday had the capacity to experience love, joy, hunger, pain, fear and anguish - a sentient being who, by law, is equated to nothing more than a mindless object.

Though this dog was born with the same joyful zest for life that all puppies possess, he was never provided with the opportunity to actually live. Instead, he was forced to exist in misery.

Tragically, no one will pay for the nightmare which defined his life, and his death.

Rest in Peace to this dog - name unknown.

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