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Chained dog dies after being left in hot Arizona yard

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A chained dog who was allegedly left outside, unprotected from the elements as the temperature soared above the century mark, died from apparent heat exhaustion in Mesa, Ariz., reported AZ Family News.

Last Wednesday, local authorities arrested the deceased dog's owner, identified as 40-year-old Brian Womack, on animal cruelty charges for the death of the young pit bull whose name was "Bishop."

According to Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies, the one-year-old dog's body was found in Womack's yard on a day when the thermometer reached a scorching 110-degrees. The chained dog had apparently been left in the yard without any form of protection from the sun, and there was no water present to help keep the dog hydrated.

Womak attempted to point the finger of blame elsewhere by claiming that a neighbor had poisoned the dog, but a necropsy performed on Bishop's body revealed the truth - the dog had died from extreme heat exhaustion, not from a deadly poison.

All dog owners should be aware of the dangerous toll that heat can take on their pets, and take the necessary precautions to keep them safe. Never leave a dog unattended inside of a parked vehicle when the outside temperature is warm; cracked windows are not sufficient to help bring the temperature inside of a car down. Dogs who are kept outside must be provided with adequate shelter from the sun and fresh, clean water should be kept in plentiful supply.

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