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We're live at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island for CES MMA "Real Pain." Dave Bautista makes his MMA debut as he takes on Vince Lucero in a heavyweight main event.

Stay tuned all night for live results.

First up is Tyson Chartier vs. Kevin Horowitz

Referee Dan Miragliotta starts the action as both guys come out with a feeling-out process. Chartier shoots for a single that Horowitz is defending. After a couple minutes of grappling, the fight is back standing with neither getting the better of the groundwork. Horowitz pushes Chartier up against the cage and lands several good shots that connect. Chartier fights back to his feet but remains pressed against the cage. Horowitz steps back creating some space and lands a few combos. With thirty seconds left in the round, Chartier lands a good shot that looks to stun Horowitz. The round ends with both fighters having landed some decent shots in the round.
Competitive round that I’m going to give to Horowitz.

Second round stats with Chartier looking for a single but finds himself pressed up against the cage again. Both fighters are exchanging punches with both guys landing. Charter throws a back spinning wheel-kick that lands and draws some oooohs and ahhhhs from the crowd. Horowitz lands a takedown and finds himself working some ground and pound from Chartier’s guard. The round comes to a close with Horowitz landing some ground and pound.
Another close round that I’m giving to Horowitz based off the way he finished the round.

The final round begins with Chartier’s corner man Mark DellaGrotte yelling for Chartier to put him out. Both fighters are exchanging and Chartier continues to land some good shots. Horowitz just keeps eating them and pressing forward. An exchange against the cage finds Chartier trying and failing to get Horowitz’s back before the position is reversed and Horowitz lands in Chartier’s half-guard. With the round coming to a close, Chartier tries for a choke, but ends up on the bottom of a north-south position.
I’m giving this round to Chartier. Good fight, close fight, but I think Horowitz takes it.
Judges give us a unanimous decision for Horowitz (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Nate Andrews vs. Leon Davis

The fight begins with Davis charging right in and landing a big takedown. Andrews fights through it and gets the fight back standing but Davis lands another big takedown that gets him into side control. Some nice grappling finds Davis controlling the back and looking for a choke. Andrews defends but Davis finds himself in a dominant position and lands some big shots. The fight is back standing but Davis is again looking for a takedown and again gets it.
Easy round to give to Davis.

Round two begins and Davis immediately goes for the shot again. This time Andrews is ready for it and locks in a front choke that leads to a quick tap from Davis. Nice finish.
Nate Andrews wins via submission.

Andre Soukhamthath vs. Rob Costa

Crowd favorite Andre Soukhamthath gets the biggest pop of the night so far during introductions. The fight starts with both fighters trading shots. Costa lands a nice straight right that Soukhamthath brushes off. Soukhamthath presses his opponent against the cage and they exchange knees. Some loud leg’kicks get the crowd going and Soukhamthath lands a nice takedown. Soukhamthath spends the rest of the round in Costa’s guard and lands a few shots but nothing too damaging.
I’m giving round one to Soukhamthath.
Round two opens up with Soukhamthath landing some more leg kicks. Costa shoots for and lands a double but Soukhamthath quickly returns to his feet and lands a nice trip of his own. Soukhamthath looks to be trying for an Americana from top control. He gives it up and instead lands some elbows and fists. Costa doesn’t seem to have any answer for the ground and pound of Soukhamthath. The ref temporarily stops the action to have a cut on Costa’s head examined. The doctor steps in and says no more.

Andre Soukhamthath wins via TKO (doctor’s stoppage)

Shedrock Goodridge vs. Brennan Ward

First round begins with Goodridge looking for and landing a takedown and quickly looking to take Ward’s back. Some scrambling happens and Ward lands mounted and looking to land elbows. The fight is back standing and Ward lands a straight right that drops Goodridge. Ward pounces and the ref calls a stop to the action.
Brennan Ward wins via TKO.

Josh Diekmann vs. Tyler King
The action opens with a quick clinch and takedown by King. He passes guard and looks to land some elbows. Not much happening as King is controlling the action from the top but not doing much. Diekmann is looking to escape but only makes things worse on himself and gets mounted. King looks to be looking for an arm triangle. Now in side control, King is now looking to get the mounted-crucifix position. The round comes to an end with King having many dominant positions this round but not delivering much damage.
Easy round for King.

Round two starts with King shooting for a quick takedown as he picks up Diekmann, carries him across the cage, Matt Hughes style, and plants him near Diekmann ‘s corner. Diekmann briefly gets back to his feet only to be taken down again. While pressing his opponent against the cage, King throws a knee and loses his balance and falls to his back. Diekmann looks to land some ground and pound and does his first damage of the fight. King has enough of that and gets to his feet. Diekmann responds by flurrying and landing some nice punches before King lands another takedown.
That round was closer and King definitely did more damage. But I’m still giving this to King because he controlled position for much of the round.

Round three begins and King is again looking for a takedown. Diekmann gets the better of it though and lands in King’s guard. Back on their feet, Diekmann lands an unintentional low-blow and King takes a breather to recover. The action resumes and King immediately closes the distance again and presses Diekmann up against the cage. King lands another double leg and is back in Diekmann ‘s guard. King controls much of the action but does little damage. Diekmann gets a dominant position as the round closes but it is too little, too late.

Tyler King wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-27)

Luis Felix vs. Marc Stevens
Marc Stevens is our first Zuffa vet on the card tonight. The action begins with both guys feeling each other out. Round one is halfway over and neither fighter has done much. Stevens shoots in and lands a double as he falls into side control. Both fighters are working hard but neither is doing much damage.
The round ends – while neither fighter did much damage, I’ll give it to Stevens because he landed a takedown.
Round two begins with both fighters keeping their distance and not throwing much. Stevens looks to be trying to set Felix up for a right hook, but can’t find the right range. Stevens shoots for a double and Felix pulls a nice guillotine. It’s pretty tight but Stevens fights out of it. Felix gets a dominant position and looks to do some damage. During a scramble Felix lands an illegal knee to a downed Stevens and the action is halted. Stevens takes a moment and we are back on. The round ends with both fighters exchanging.
Close round – I’m giving it to Felix.
Third round kicks off with Felix measuring to land his straight left. Both fighters clinch and Felix has him pressed up against the cage looking to land some knees. Felix lands another takedown and has Stevens pressed against the cage. Felix is finishing strong and the round closes with a flurry.
Close fight, I’m giving it to Felix.
All three judges have it 29-28. Luis Felix wins by unanimous decision.

Saul Almeida vs. Calvin Kattar
Team Blackhouse protégé’ Almeida forgoes his previously ubiquitous Anderson Silva entrance music and hits the cage to a catch instrumental number.
The first round opens with Almeida looking to establish his jab. He presses Kattar against the cage and Kattar lands a takedown and finds himself in Almeida’s guard. Some nice exchanges that Almeida is getting the better of. First round ends, close round. Giving it to Almeida.

Second round opens, both guys are keeping the distance and looking to snipe. Almeida looks to be slower to the punch, but he’s still landing. Some back and forth exchanges lead to neither fighter doing much damage, but Kattar looking a bit fresher. Good fight.
Another close round, giving this one to Kattar.

Both fighters touch gloves as the final round opens. Almeida presses Kattar against the cage and lands a takedown. Kattar looks for an armbar that Almeida defends. He’s not getting submitted, but Almeida can’t get out either as Kattar has been holding his arm for a good minute plus now. With less than a minute remaining, Almeida finally pulls free and looks to land some strikes from a top position.

I am giving this one to Kattar. Good fight.

Refs make it official with the unanimous decision victory for Kattar. (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Mike Campbell vs. Gemiyale Adkins

The battle for “fight with the best entrance music” has been decided now. Adkins comes out to the “There’s no easy way out” song from Rocky IV – Campbell comes out to Gillette Stadium staple “Put On For My City.” We’re cooking with gas tonight.
The fight begins with both guys having a noticeable spring in their step. Mike Campbell headlined the first ever CES MMA card when he took on Magno Almeida two years ago. Some nice exchanges leave the crowd ooohing and ahhing again. Adkins is the aggressor but Campbell is usingi his movement well and landing his straight left. Campbell looks sharp tonight in the first round.

Round ends with both guys keeping their distance. Giving it to Campbell.
Round two begins with both guys feeling each other out and looking for a big shot. Campbell is more active – I get the sense that Adkins wants to land a big left. Both fighters are taking their time, looking to land the perfect shot. They’re heavily engaged but are not throwing much by way of volume. Right on command, a nice exchange gets the crowd excited. Round ends and that is a really tough round to call.

Rather than flip a coin, I’m calling this round 10-10. Would be nice if more judges did that.
Final round starts with a flurry and Adkins is briefly stunned by a left head kick. Campbell takes advantage and looks for a takedown, briefly tries to take Adkins’ back before finding himself pressed up against the cage by Adkins. Miragliotta separates them and we’re back in the center of the cage. Adkins gets a takedown and Campbell uses some excellent hip control and gets right back to his feet. With a little over a minute to go, Campbell lands a nice belly-to-back suplex that gets the crowd yelling again. Adkins is now fighting to keep Cambell from taking his back and is losing that battle. Campbell is looking for a rear naked choke as the last thirty seconds of the clock tick down. Campbell is really close to the finish but a game Adkins won’t be submitted.
Good round, good fight. I’m giving it to Campbell.

Judges make it official with the unanimous decision for Campbell.

John Howard vs. Brett Chism

It's with deep apologies that I have to report that technical difficulties resulted in my live action recap being deleted before I could make the update.

John Howard wins via second-round TKO.

Up next, David Loiseau vs. Chris McNally

Judges make it official with the unanimous decision for Campbell.

The first round opens with McNally looking to press the action as he pushes Loiseau against the cage. Loiseau reverses the position but finds himself defending a guillotine. Loiseau gives up his back and McNally quickly loses position with Loiseau ending up in his guard. Loiseau lands a well placed elbow and McNally is bleeding. Wow… The doctor steps in and says this fight is all over. David Loiseau's elbows claim another victory.

David Loiseau wins via TKO (doctor’s stoppage)

Todd Chattelle vs. Chandler Holderness

Holderness comes out blazing and stuns Chattelle almost immediately. Holderness falls on the bottom but an almost instant escape and he finds himself on top, flurrying on Chattelle. The ref jumps in between them and this fight is over.

Chandler Holderness wins via TKO.

Dave Bautista vs. Vince Lucero

It's time for our main event. Vince Lucero takes the cage to little fanfare. Bautista looks focused, ready to work. What I feel to be a curious decision, they sing the national anthem after the fighters hit the cage.

Time to go to work.

Fight begins and Lucero immediately puts his hands on Bautista's face and right from the jump it appears that Bautista doesn't like getting hit. Some exchanges on the feet and they end up pressed against the cage. Lucero is waving at the crowd and Dan Miragliotta feels that is enough reason to separate them. The action resumes and Bautista hits a pretty easy single leg. He takes Lucero's back and lands a few big fists. Lucero looks like he has no idea what to do from this position, and this is just a matter of time. Bautista is raining down leather from the back-mount and this is over. Lucero is complaining about blows to the back of the head, but this is done.

Dave Bautista wins via TKO


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