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center of your own existence

On a recent Super Soul Sunday, Oprah interviewed Adyashanti an American spiritual teacher. They discussed his newest book, Falling into Grace.

What is going on in your world?
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Oprah read from the last chapter of his book, “When we can begin to open enough to realize there is grace in every situation, every person no matter how easy or difficult we perceive them to be, our hearts will flower. If we can let go for just a moment, if we can relax, fall into the center of now, we can encounter directly the freedom that we’ve all been seeking. When we begin to surround our demand that life change, that life alter itself to suit our ideas then everything opens and we begin to waken from this dream from separateness and struggle and realize that the grace we are always seeking is actually right there in the center of our own existence.”

Adyashanti goes on to explain how we must consent to the present moment by saying yes and this opens up access to its center where we are able to fully experience it. If we say no, struggle or judge this, it holds us back.

It is easy to say yes to joyful experiences but to say yes to trauma, this sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

According to, consent means, “Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.”

Think of consent as a contract with the universe. Imagine you’ve been pushed through the door of hardship and now this suffering is amidst you. As you turn to look behind you, this door of the past has slammed shut; you can’t go back through it.

What do you do?

Does it help your circumstances for you to complain that it is unfair, or for you to deny the reality of where you stand because you believe you shouldn’t be there? No, this doesn’t solve anything for you. But, if you consent, in this moment you are accepting the place where you stand, you are embracing the variables that surround in order to understand what you must overcome and you are releasing your inhibitions with a deep breath in order to gather your strength to step forward. This surrender process is how you uphold your side of the contract. In return, this unfolding center will support your endeavor, educate you, and gift you with spiritual growth!

This is embracing “the center of your own existence” are you willing to take this risk?

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