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Censoring black on white crime in the liberal media

Huge mobs of blacks attacked random white people in Seattle in 2001. One man was beaten to death. Another white female was seriously injured.
Huge mobs of blacks attacked random white people in Seattle in 2001. One man was beaten to death. Another white female was seriously injured.
2001 Seattle race riot

Recently there was a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. At least six people were viciously attacked by mobs of local thugs as they left the venue. Three were hospitalized and at least two were seriously injured.

Newark police say the primary motive for the attacks was not robbery. The thugs just attacked for the fun of it. The attacks appear to be part of a nationwide trend of racially motivated black on white mob attacks.

However, the Newark Star-Ledger began to censor and downplay the attacks from the beginning. In fact they flat out refused to print the race of the attackers. I talked to two different people at the Star-Ledger who told me that the paper censors the race of crime perpetrators on purpose. "Crime and public safety" reporter James Queally told me that the race of the post-concert attackers was listed in the police report, but that he felt the public should not be allowed to know what race they were.

It appears that Newark Police also do not want the public to know any details about the perps. They refused to release surveillance footage of the the attacks. The video is apparently quite good, because it was used to identify and arrest three suspects. A friend of mine tried to get a copy of the police report, but was instructed to fill out a form and wait for an answer. The "teens" were arrested after boarding a public bus in a black neighborhood.

​Shortly after the Prudential Center opened in 2009, there was a Britney Spears concert were at least six people were attacked by mobs of local thugs after the show. Of the six, two were homosexual males.

Ironically the Newark Star-Ledger suggested that two of the six victims were "bias crime" victims, but not the other four. The Newark Star-Ledger also censored the race of these attackers. However, police suggested that the attackers came from a local hip hop dance club that caters to a black clientèle. Apparently if a mob of black thugs attacks a white concert goer, it is "teenagers" attack "man." If a mob of black thugs attacks a white man who happens to be homosexual, then its "teenagers" attack "gay man in possible bias crime." Bias crime, is another word for "hate crime."

The Newark Star-Ledger actually had the audacity to suggest that the two homosexual white victims were "bias crime" victims, but not the other four known victims. The other four victims were all female.

A group of at least a dozen teenagers assaulted six people in two separate incidents, one of them possibly a bias crime, after the Britney Spears' concert in Newark Saturday night. - Newark Star-Ledger, March 19, 2009

On Sunday, May 13th, the Newark Star-Ledger published an article pleading for white patrons to continue coming to the Prudential Center. The article is full of major math and logic errors.

An article attributed to the "Star-Ledger Editorial Board" stated that 8,000,000 visitors have attended events at the Prudential center so far. The editorial board then takes all twelve of the victims I mentioned in this article, and calls that "two incidents." They claim that since there have only been "two incidents," the the odds of getting struck by lightning are "a far bigger threat than you’ll find attending an event in Newark." The paper lists your odds of getting hit by lightening as one in 280,000.

First there is a major basic math error. If 8 million people attended events at the Prudential Center ​and twelve were viciously attacked, that is not 2 out of 8 million. It would be 12 out of 8 million. Further, one event at the Prudential center is one evening of your life. The odds of getting hit by lightening is based on an entire lifespan.

There are also some major logic errors. The number of known victims out of eight million is a minimum of twelve. We don't know how many people have been attacked who never filed a police report. Secondly, the list of twelve victims also would not include that any victims who filed police reports, but never had their story covered in the Newark Star-Ledger. Both the 2009 Britney Spears post-concert attacks and the 2012 Red Hot Chili Peppers post-concert attacks had six known victims. It is highly plausible that one or two people have been attacked after Prudential Center events, but the Newark Star-Ledger never reported it.

We certainly know that other crimes have gone on in the vicinity. A Union County juvenile detentions officer was murdered one block from the Prudential Center on Monday, May 14th. His colleague was critically injured. They were hit with a hail of gunfire outside the Arena lounge. Considering that I only had to look as far as yesterday to find a murder, its a safe bet that other Prudential Center event attendees have been harmed.

Twelve victims out of eight million visits equals a one out of 667,000 chance per evening of being attacked. This means that anyone who attends three events has a one in 222,000 chance of being attacked, which is greater than the odds of being hit by lightening over the course of a lifetime. So the claim by the Newark Star-Ledger is an easily disprovable falsehood. If there have been more attacks, then the odds are much higher.

This doesn't even get into auto break ins, and auto thefts. If at least twelve people have been attacked by mobs, surely many more have been victims of other crimes while going to the Prudential Center.

Online readers of the Newark Star-Ledger did not react favorably to the paper's "violence is unusual" article. Readers immediately began posting comments ridiculing the claim. The paper responding by closing down comments on that article.

The residents of the Newark metro area have also not reacted well to the newspaper's strong left-wing bias. While most newspapers are losing readers, the rate at which the Newark Star-Ledger is losing readers far exceeds the national average.

The newspaper has lost over half its circulation since 2004. From over 400,000 to less than 200,000 today. Between 2009 and 2010, the newspaper lost $19 million dollars. Between 2008 and 2010, the newspaper slashed its workforce from 756 to 452. The remaining employees have had their salaries and benefits cut.

When "crime and public safety" reporter James Queally says it is his job to decide which parts of a police report to censor, I can take comfort in knowing that he has very little job security.


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