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Celebrity homes: Larry Hagman death sparks interest in Southfork Ranch

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Tourists flocked to Southfork Ranch in Dallas, Texas on Saturday Nov. 24 after news broke that Larry Hagman, the actor that played the famous television character J.R. Ewing on the iconic 1980s hit show "Dallas", died the day before.

His popularity on the 1980s hit television series “Dallas” made the Texas town world-famous, but where was the recently deceased actor really from? More importantly, where was he living in the months and weeks before his death? Not in Hollywood, surprisingly enough. He died in the oil town that he seemed to love best -- but not at Southfork.

Hagman was a native Texan born in Fort Worth in 1931. He passed away in a Dallas hospital the day after Thanksgiving in 2012 surrounded by family and friends. As one of the highest-paid actors in television history, he actually tried his hand at investing in oil like his character J.R. had but ultimately spent most of his fortune amassing celebrity real estate.

“I have an apartment in New York, a ranch in Santa Fe, a castle in Ojai outside of L.A., a beach house in Malibu and [am] thinking of buying a [new] place in Santa Monica,” the former star of "I Dream Of Jeannie" once told the Chicago Tribune.

The cause of death appears to have been related to cancer. He was being treated for an unspecified type of the life-threatening disease between filming scenes with actors and actresses like Linda Gray (his self-proclaimed "best friend") and Patrick Duffy.

Before he died, he and his wife of 61 years kept their primary home in Dallas. He was filming Season 2 of "Dallas" (the reboot of the iconic series) in the months before his death.

There have been no plans announced publicly by his family regarding what plans are in place to tend to his real estate holdings as of yet.

The Southfork Ranch has officially been open for Hollywood theme tours since the mid-1980s says CBS News. More than 100,000 visitors each year tour the famous TV set. "Each room of the house has a theme for each character..." according to the source.

"The popularity of “Dallas” made Hagman one of the best-paid actors in television and earned him a fortune that even a Ewing would have coveted..."claimed the Edmonton Journal.

"He was definitely a gentleman, a class act," said Jim Gomes, vice president of resorts at Southfork Ranch & Hotel. "He loved the fans as much as they loved him."