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Celebration for the rescued dogs by Wings of Rescue; one dozen others die

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Operation Wings of Rescue, the combined effort of volunteers, pilots, and shelter personnel, rescuing dogs from the high kill animal shelters of San Bernardino City Shelter and Devore Animal Shelter, and airlifting them to rescues and adoption facilities across the country on Saturday, has given nearly 100 dogs the gift of life.

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Can anyone be kinder than the founder and pilot of the Wings of Rescue, Yehuda Netanel, who in the last three-and-a-half years, has already transported over 6,200 dogs and cats to help them get second chances at new lives? A volunteer from the Upward Dog Rescue wrote;

"I've met him. This man is wonderful, caring, makes sure dogs aren't cramped in smaller kennels than they will be comfy in. The carpet treatment into the plane, photos with everyone. Just a genuinely wonderful man. What he has done is AWESOME founding Wings Of Rescue."

With the assistance of the fund organizers, Stacie and Angela, nearly $8,200 has been raised of the group's $9,500 goal.

In addition to celebrating the freedom of so many dogs, an open house adoption event was held at the San Bernardino City Shelter on Saturday, giving even more dogs and cats the opportunity to find homes.

And yet there loomed a dark cloud over San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, as a dozen adoptable dogs were euthanized Saturday; even while the local airport bustled with excited volunteers and dogs, and visitors walked through the shelter looking into the cages ready to adopt their next best four-legged friends.

The deaths of the dogs follow a public meeting hearing less than one week ago when shelter volunteers Maria Sanchez, Steve Miller, and Sol Plante expressed their continuing concerns about dogs being euthanized before their time expired, sick and ailing dogs not receiving medical care, volunteers not being allowed to walk the dogs, and a lack of communication from the staff concerning the dogs and their welfare.

Local attorney and animal advocate, Maria Tauscher raised questions about potential violations at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter directly referencing diagnosing dogs to be euthanized by unlicensed medical staff, killing dogs because they have ringworm or upper respiratory infections completely curable, immediately killing owner surrender dogs, why dogs who already have rescue promises have been killed, and the city intentionally allowing the shelter to destroy city property they could make money on by charging adoption fees.

Animal advocates and dog lovers are demanding answers and reform.

Volunteers are asked to attend the public meeting of the Animal Control Ad Hoc Committee Meeting on Monday at 5:00 p.m. at 201 North E. Street in San Bernardino.

Although there are happy stories for many dogs and cats today, another 12 adoptable dogs lost their lives sometime on Saturday.

"What a tragedy for innocent animals, who by no fault of their own, landed at a shelter directed by people with a lack of compassion," stated volunteer Sol Plante. "We all try so hard to save the lives of these beautiful dogs, and our hearts break when they can no longer be seen by the public, and then are euthanized."

Rest in peace Dalton, Libby, Jesse, Davis, Blake, Jamaica, Joe, Jillian, Chita, Bronco, Socks, and Ruca.

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