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Celebrate World Gin Day with 10 delightfully refreshing gin cocktails: Cheers

Have you heard the news? If you need a little something to whet your whistle after a long week, you’re in luck. A special beverage holiday is just hours away and thirsty folks around the globe are in the mood to celebrate! Get ready to raise your glass – the second Saturday in June is World Gin Day! This year’s event will be observed on June 13, 2015.

World Gin Day:  Celebrate with 10 Amazing Gin Cocktail Recipes
Mkorcuska / Gin Fizz

This annual beverage holiday was created in 2009 by blogger, Neil Houston, as a way to celebrate and enjoy a great tasting gin with friends. Since its inception, nations around the world have participated in the international event. Social media is celebrating, too.

Folks have been sippin’ on gin for centuries. According to Colleen Graham, gin was created by Dr. Franciscus Sylvus and was initially used for medicinal purposes. This spirited, light-bodied liquor gets its flavor from the aromatic juniper berries. Other botanicals including cinnamon, orange or lemon peels, fennel and anise can also be added.

In honor of World Gin Day, why not try one or two of the delightfully refreshing cocktail recipes listed below?

Gin Cocktail Recipes

Frozen Gin Fizz Now here’s a great drink to help you beat the heat! This recipe calls for gin, lemon or lime juice, confectioners’ sugar, soda water or lemon-lime soda, ice cubes and a twist of lemon or lime. Delish!

James Bond Martini – Whether you prefer yours shaken or stirred, check out this recipe in Food and Wine. This recipe calls for gin, vodka, Lillet Blank, blue cheese-stuffed olives and ice for this drink.

Modern Martini You’ll need sugar, London dry gin, fresh cilantro leaves, lime juice and lime for this martini with a twist. Bottoms up!

Cranberry Gin and Tonic Get ready to pucker up, folks! This pretty cocktail, from Epicurious, calls for gin, fresh lime juice, tonic water, sugar and two bags of fresh cranberries.

Blackberry Gin and Tonic This pretty drink, from Bon Appetit, looks fabulous! You’ll need fresh blackberries, sugar, fresh lime juice, club soda, basil sprigs and gin.

Rosemary Salty Dog This light pink drink from Chef Ashley Christensen, calls for sugar, fresh red grapefruit juice, gin, ice, Kosher salt and a grapefruit wedge.

Cherry Julep While National Mint Julep Day has come and gone, you can celebrate both events in one delicious drink. This pretty-in-pink cocktail calls for gin, sloe gin, cherry brandy, seltzer, ice, lemon juice and lemon slice for garnish.

Thyme Lemonade It’s about “thyme!” What better way to cool off on a hot summer’s day than with a refreshing glass of lemonade? This recipe calls for sugar, fresh thyme, fresh lemon juice and gin.

Limoncello Gin Cocktail - Not too sweet, not too strong but very refreshing! You'll need gin, Limoncello, club soda, lemon peel and ice for this recipe from The Kitchn.

AlejandroThis creamy cocktail calls for gin, citrus and vanilla flavored liqueur, heavy cream, Angostura bitters and a match.

Whether you consider yourself a novice, weekend warrior or gin connoisseur, happy World Gin Day! As always, please drink responsibly. Today is also World Naked Bike Ride Day. Weeee!

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