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Cave Johnson wants YOU to design Portal 2 test chambers!

Valve is the king of marketing. They have announced a new, free tool kit for Portal 2 that will allow players to make their own test chambers in the game. What better way to announce such a thing than with the already famous Cave Johnson, the voice behind Aperture Science, famous for pretty much every spoken word of his in Portal 2.

This chamber was made by the Octopus Aperture world and stolen by our Aperture world.  Watch the trailer.  It will make sense.
Image courtesy of Valve

Taking a cue from Bethesda with their Skyrim creation kit, Valve is releasing this set of tools for free and with "full Steam Workshop integration". They are calling it the Perpetual Testing Initiative, or PeTI for short.

Console players, you'll be disappointed to know that this tool kit is only available on PC and Mac. But if you're one of those players anyway, try your hand at the Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative (PeTI) on May 8th. Check out for more info on the kit. And check out the video to the left for the hilarious trailer.

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