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Cat with genetic abnormalities who resembles 'Lil Bub' needs loving family

Lil Bub is a beautiful, unique cat who was born with genetic mutations that give her an unusual appearance - and she has captured the hearts of animal lovers worldwide. Sweet Tucker was also born with genetic abnormalities and while she doesn't aim to take the world by storm, she does hope to find a loving family of her own.

Tucker bears a slight resemblance to Lil Bub, another cat who was born with genetic abnormalities.
Purrfect Pals
Cat with genetic abnormalities who resembles 'Lil Bub' needs loving family
Purrfect Pals

Tucker came to Purrfect Pals in Washington State when her owners could no longer keep her. Just like Lil Bub, she has an unusual appearance due to her genetic abnormalities, and just like Lil Bub, she's very cute and lovable!

This unusual cat is looking for a very special home. Some of Tucker's joints are constructed abnormally, so her new family will have to be careful to provide steps and other accommodations to make sure she doesn't injure herself. Tucker also has an auto-immune disease that makes her skin very thin and easy to bruise. Additionally, she has hair loss because of the scabs that she pulls off.

At Purrfect Pals, Tucker has been kept dressed in tee shirts to prevent her from damaging her skin. Tucker enjoys sitting on laps and playing with string toys. This loving, unusual girl especially enjoys being pet under the chin and behind the ears. Tucker loves children, too, and she's wonderful with them.

Can you open your heart and home to this unusual cat? If you would like to adopt Tucker, contact Purrfect Pals at their website here.

Purrfect Pals places the highest priority on the cats and kittens like Tucker who need them most: animals that other shelters or animal rescues might not have the resources to help. They focus on cats who have special needs or increased care needs, such as senior cats, cats with chronic illness or medical issues, or cats with behavioral challenges.

Purrfect Pals has been helping cats in the Puget Sound area of Washington State for more than 25 years. Today, their facility has room for up to 225 cats who are both short and long-term residents. Purrfect Pals houses an additional 50-250 cats and kittens in foster care, depending on the time of year. To help Purrfect Pals help other cats like Tucker, make a donation here.