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Casting calls: Family Dinners and Guy’s Grocery Games

Family Dinners
Family Dinners
photographs by Dara Bunjon©

Involvement in the food industry on numerous levels brings e-mails of opportunities for reality shows. Just the other day I received one for Guy’s Grocery Games that is casting for another season looking for chefs and professional cooks. I gladly posted on the WCR Women Chefs and Restaurateurs Facebook page and have the information below for any culinary professionals who might be interested.

Last night a casting call was in my In-Box for Family Dinners. Twofour America, a production company in Los Angeles and award-winning TV production company, is scouring the nation to find the biggest and best families who come together to celebrate their victories and overcome their struggles while cooking and eating their favorite family dishes.

They ask, “Does your family pride itself on recipes handed down from one generation to the next? Are Sunday dinners always a riot with lots of laughing, jesting and maybe a little family drama? Is cooking what brings your family together? Do you have a unique family? Large? Loud? Blended? Unconventional?”

It is moments like this and actually it is a Thursday that I’m writing this, so a little Throwback Thursday trip down memory lane. My parents were insistent that no matter what we all sat down to the dinner table; no newspapers, no radios or television – we shared what happened during our day. Yes, there was drama – not so much but I was specifically scuttled from going on a trip because I hadn’t changed the oil in my car. There were laughs. In particular, my father when asked to pass the salt would unconsciously salt his food. In that laid the plan between the sister and me to keep positioning the salt shaker near him and ask him to pass it. Of course he over salted his food beyond recognition and blamed it on my mother.

I am sure there are many of you out there stories to tell and share. There seems to be some urgency to Twofour America’s request if your family might be reality TV worthy. Email them TODAY at Be sure to include the following: name, age, location, contact information (phone, email), favorite family cuisine and/or recipe, brief description of your family and what makes your family unique! We also want to SEE your family, so please include photo(s).

Guy’s Grocery Games casting contact is, They are looking for skilled chefs to compete in a challenge that will test their ability to think out-of-the-box and supermarket savvy! Winning chefs could win up to $20,000! Please put your CITY/STATE in the subject line of the email. In the email they will need your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, your current title of OCCUPATION, a description of your CULINARY BACKGROUND, a recent PHOTO of you, a few PHOTOS OF DISHES you have created, AND why you think you have what it takes to win!

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