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Casper & the Cookies this Saturday at the EARL

Casper & the Cookies
Casper & the Cookies

If you dig good music, good food and ice cold beer (and who doesn’t) then I suggest you make the EARL you destination this Saturday night. Veteran Athens band Casper & the Cookies (CC) will be jamming tunes in the back room for all that want to listen.

Out on the road supporting their latest offering – Dingbats - CC will be making Atlanta one of the stops on their caravan of music. The new record is a brilliant conglomeration of controlled chaos that will keep the listener enthralled as a cornucopia of sonic tidbits invades their ear canals. CC’s music effortlessly transfers to the live stage as Jason’s and Kay’s complimentary vocals leave audiences unaware that the voracious guitars and thunderous percussion are slowly eroding their hearing capacity. Don’t worry because it is not all fast and loud, when they do tone it down a bit the band is able to produce haunting melodies and spacey rhythms that take the crowd through their musical wonderland.

So like I said, if you dig good music then get your ass to the EARL to see Casper & the Cookies. Be sure to get their early and stay late so you do not miss any of the killer music on tap for Saturday night. It is going to be a good one.

WHO: Casper & the Cookies (with Robert Schneider, Virginia Plane & Takenobu)
WHEN: Saturday, March 15th, 9pm