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Carrie Olson found dead update: Death timeline mystery put to rest

Carrie Olson, the missing Iowa woman is found dead in Minnesota. (File Photo)
Carrie Olson, the missing Iowa woman is found dead in Minnesota. (File Photo)
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Carrie Olson’s body has been found three months after she went missing and her remains were discovered three hundred miles away from her Iowa home. Authorities said the body was discovered in a rural area near Hastings, Minnesota, in a vacant lot off a gravel road, according to MyFox on April 9.

Olson went missing from her hometown in Iowa back in December where she was last seen at a gas station in Rock Island, Iowa. Her boyfriend was seen driving her car a few days after she went missing.

Olson’s purse was found in her car, but her cell phone and wallet were missing from her purse. The 29-year-old was reported missing when she failed to show up for work at the family business and could not be contacted.

While Olson doesn’t appear to have any links with Hastings, the town where her body was found, Fox has learned that her boyfriend does have a tie with that area. This disappearance was a high-profile missing person’s case in Iowa.

A search of volunteers, friends and family turned up nothing back in December when she was first reported missing. Olson’s boyfriend was questioned, but he was not held as a suspect in her disappearance.

The body of the missing Iowa woman was found in Hastings on 175th Street, a gravel road off Presley Circle. There are only three houses on the road. It is a wooded and private lot where her remains were found.
The property owner is the person who found Olson’s remains and police believe that her remains have been in that spot for less than 36-hours. So where was Olson since December?

Newsmax reports today that the authorities are trying to figure out just how long the body has been in the spot where it was discovered. Leslie said:

"What we're now doing is working to determine . . . how long the body was there based on the weather and those kinds of situations, and that’s open for determination by the scientific community. We may never know exactly when, how long she’s been there, so we're working with the medical examiner’s office to figure that out."

This is another mystery presenting itself for investigators, who declined to release her cause of death, saying only that “further investigation is needed.” There are three agencies working this case, which are the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office, the Dakota County Sheriff's Office, and the Davenport Police Department.

The medical examiner’s office used dental records to positively identify the body. Right now police are waiting to see what caused the death of this woman. Chief Deputy Tim Leslie from the Hastings Police Department said:

"We've got to determine if there was a murder, if she overdosed, accidental death," Leslie said. "Those are the things we are trying to figure out right now."

Apparently the boyfriend was seen in Hastings around the time that Olson went missing and he does have a female friend that lives in the town. Authorities have question the woman who said that the unnamed boyfriend came to Hastings before flying to Las Vegas three months ago. This was around the time that Olson went missing.

The investigation is on-going with so many unanswered questions yet for the authorities to follow up on. Not much is known about the woman's death, where she died or even how long she's been dead.

Update 4/9 5:30 p.m.: Quad City Times report that police are now saying that Olson's body could have been in that vacant lot, or field for the entire three months she was missing. The statement police made earlier that Olson was in that field for less than 36 hours was regrettable. This is not the case they now believe.

Police are also regretting that the family was not notified first that the remains were officially confirmed as Carrie Olson. Carrie's parents found this out from the media with everyone else.

New leads: While police will not discuss the evidence, much of this hinges on Olson's car police did say today. They will not give out any further information regarding the evidence and they will not confirm that it was Carrie's boyfriend who was the last one to drive the car. Earlier reports said that Olson's unnamed boyfriend was driving her car days after she was reported missing.

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