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Canons roar and Pirates perform in celebrations civil and medieval

This weekend in Hastings, Michgan the canons will roar at the annual Hastings Civil War Muster in Charlton Park, while less than thirty miles away the Blackrock Renaissance Summerfest at The Olde World Village in Augusta, Michigan will be celebrating with medieval merriment and mayhem.

Photos from The Blackrock Renaissance Summerfest at the Olde World Village in Augusta, Michigan
2014 © by John N Collins of Steampunk Soiree and The Weird Review
Mike Wkii with The Weird Review’s Staff Model, Minion, and Sidekick, Lillian Fox at the Blackrock Renaissance Summerfest
2014 © by John N Collins of Steampunk Soiree and The Weird Review

For a fiver on July 19 and 20, 2014, you can go to Charlton park where they have moved in old buildings from the 1800's and have recreated a beautiful, historic town complete with chapel, general store, houses, and during the Civil War Muster, Union and Rebel camps. They present demonstrations, seminars, 18th century fashions, and a pitched battle in the town square where everyone can watch from the safety of the hillside.

Visitors will also want to visit the Suttler's camp where those reenactors of a more commercial nature will peddle their wares to the soldiers as well as the visiters from modern America who will love the crafted, cooked, concocted, and curious items as well as replica and authentic antique items for sale. In the evening they have music and dancing and then, later, the Emerald Pheasant Saloon will be open for refreshments, cards, and general carrying on.

Just a short distance away you can enjoy another era of music, mirth, and medieval markets as the Blackrock Renaissance Summerfest continues its second week. At blackrock you can see acrobatics, pirates, and sword fights. There is even real jousting with knights in armor charging one another on horseback. The splinters fly as the knights do battle to show their prowess to the royalty, peasants, and honored guests who attend their contests.

Further to the north is another entire village within the village, The Viking Encampment, where the Vikings of the Great Lakes have staked their claim. you can drop by and see the Norse ladies and gents as they demonstrate the life in a traditional viking village.

You will want to stop by Moore’s Rolling Smokehouse where they specialize in smoked ribs, chicken, pork, brisket, and they have some of the best brats around. Elsewhere in the Olde World Village you can sink your teeth into a hickory smoked barbeque sandwich or feast on the chili or other soup in an old fashioned bread bowl at the Hickory Hut!

All around the Olde World Village you can visit the various wonderful shops such as Unicorn’s Garden, Skullduggery Overseas Trading Company, Fellowship Foundry, and Yulanda’s Soy Comfort Candles. You definitely want to drop by and check out the leather works of Gere Hakon and say hi to the Weird Review's own Model, Minion, and Sidekick, Lillian Fox, who will be modeling items mad by Gere and from Beckalyn’s Masquerade.

This is certain to be a great weekend to visit Charlton Park or The Olde World Village but better still, visit both!

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