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Cannibal Cop conviction overturned: Cooking and eating women only 'fantasy'

The former NYC cop, who was dubbed the cannibal cop, is a free man today after a federal judge overturned his conviction. Gilberto Valle was facing life in prison after being found guilty for conspiring to kidnap, torture and cook women then eat them, according to CNN News on July 1.

Cannibal cop gets conviction overturned, he is going home this week!
WPIX screen shot

The judge overturned the conviction saying that the evidence points to no more than “fantasy role-play.” Valle didn’t say a word in court today, but after his conviction was thrown out, he smiled and waved to his relatives in court. One woman said in a joyful manner, “He’s coming home today.”

MSN News reports that Valle’s defense attorney Julia Gatto said that her client is only guilty of some “very unconventional thoughts.” Kidnapping, killing, cooking and eating women is not only “unconventional thoughts,” but some might argue these are the thoughts of a very disturbed man.

Valle was a six-year veteran of the NYPD when his wife’s laptop was found to contain “Abducting and Cooking Kimberely---A Blueprint.” This document had a list of all the materials needed to do this like a gag, a rope, a tarp for the car trunk and chloroform. While none of these items were ever found in Valle’s possession, emails and other online searches were very condemning.

The prosecutor presented evidence that Valle was getting ready to carry out a plot. The jurors apparently felt that there was enough evidence to net him on conspiracy, which is what went down in court a few years back. Prosecutors also showed jurors how the data base that Valle had access to as a cop helped him search for potential victims.

He was also charged with illegally assessing a law enforcement data base in this case and found guilty of that charge. The defense attorney argued that Valle spent 21 months in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and for a crime that no one ever committed. She maintained his emails and online posting were nothing more than fantasy role-play on her client’s part.

Back when Valle was convicted the prosecutors said that he was “deadly serious” and this is what the jury also found.
U.S. District Court Judge Paul Gardephe ordered that Valle to undergo a mental health evaluation, to surrender travel documents, surrender weapons and ordered a GPS home monitoring when he is released.

Gatto argued that we do not live in a country with “thought police” and that no one should go to jail for having “thoughts.” Apparently the judge today agreed and Valle goes free under the strict conditions set forth by this judge.

The New York Daily News last month ran a story about the Cannibal cop cooking in the prison kitchen for all the inmates. The satire was easily seen with his new job as prison cook and his wishes for cooking women.

Valle's thoughts were very scary and the fact that he is about to get out of prison doesn't make him less scary to some. He says his graphic fantasy writings would never leave the paper and come alive, as he never contemplated carrying out his graphic fantasies.

He is now known nationwide for those graphic thoughts, so for Valle to have a "normal" life while out of jail, that would seem nearly impossible. Who would he get to date him and where could he go where he wouldn't be known for his disgusting thoughts about killing and cooking women? He will most likely always hear whispers behind his back and as far as gainful employment, that could be a tall order. So in a roundabout way, his "fantasy" has most likely given him a life sentence of scorn and ridicule by society.

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