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Canine cancer survivor loses leg, but not his zest for life

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno

Update 7/15/14: Beck has been adopted!

Beck, a two-year-old Labrador retriever mix, has cheated death twice...the first time by making it out of a rural animal control facility alive, and then again when he conquered a deadly form of cancer.

The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno has played a huge part in Beck's survival - after saving him from the animal control facility, they discovered that he was limping because of osteosarcoma, rather than from an injury. After the daunting diagnosis, the rescue agency ensured that the young dog would receive the veterinary care necessary to save his life.

The cancer resulted in Beck losing a limb, but the amputation has done nothing to put a damper on his zest for life.

Beck's foster family wrote:

Beck has recovered from his surgery now. He has put on some needed weight and his appetite is good. His coat is short, soft and shiny black with brown highlights. He has a white cross on his chest. Beck has beautiful white teeth that are very strong. He can puncture a tennis ball in seconds and he has destroyed a few toys. Thankfully, he has never chewed on any furniture.

Today, this happy cancer-survivor needs just one more thing- a forever home. Nobody knows if Beck's cancer will return - but on the same note, nobody actually knows, with any certainty, what the future holds.

The rescue agency responsible for Beck has shared the following:

Beck is nothing short of a stellar dog that was given a second chance to live. Lab Rescue is not seeking an adoption fee, only a perfect home for this perfect boy.

Please take a moment to network Beck's information:

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