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Can we take back America without harming her? Part twelve of 12

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America, home of the free and land of the brave?

Now retired, I have spent a significant part of my life these past years trying to lift the veil... to see the metaphorical man behind the curtain. I must admit that what I see scares the hell out of me... I see that what I thought I was, and what I thought America is... is but a grand illusion. This string of essays, this one called twelve of twelve, only gives a glimmer of what we face... Though it may be considered an accountable spark to illuminate our enemy, I see that the enemy is not just a money-making and unaccountable mindset, but flaws that run deep into the very mind of the collective American social system... It is far more than a conspiracy in some far-away board room, though that is indeed reality, but a war that has to be waged in the minds and hearts of we-the-people by both intellect and spirituality... and all of that, from start to finish, can only be manifested by one simple and yet profound catalyst, truth. TRUTH! Truth is the only thing that can save us...

Unfortunately, it seems quite evident that just a few will understand the amazing convolution that has been injected as truth, and this it seems is the essence of what we are as human beings trying to achieve an agenda in the absence of responsibility, love, and accountability, and it is entirely selfishly designed... and in that process, truth can never be found... Who can find the fortitude to stand forth in a task that seems insurmountable, unless we see that our thoughts are clear, and truth is lighting our way? And I'm not talking about blind faith here, but the light of truth.

It seems evident that the majority of Americans care little or nothing for the quality of self, much less the values and standards that made our United States the beacon of Liberty and commerce of the world. Our country, and the hope of its continued existence rests entirely in the minds of the people, and yet they can no longer focus but for the distractions imposed from a black box 3.5 hours each and every day by the hype and propagandized packaging that melts into our subconscious as truth... how can we unite when most all are stoned, drunk, and looking for distractions after a hard day at work? What standard can be found with aching feet, and a mind looking for the balance of R and R?

We face a challenge that seems most hopeless to win, because the poison that weakens America comes not only from external forces with money as motivation, but from within, and by a mindset almost entirely selfish in design... and yet, if we don't stand up, if we don't look around with open eyes and hearts, we will be finished on several levels, and little more than slaves to a system designed to be our everything, easy, without any work or homework... And your trusting nature, a nature that has been nurtured by a scientific Pavlovian-Freudian response, will help you sleep. Government will be our god.

Are you scared? You should be... I know I am. I am because I am responsible for my own actions, as I hold others to be responsible for theirs. And I love my God, who has give us all so much we don't appreciate.

What controls America has no face... It is illusive, like a chameleon... It blends hidden inside of our own government, with strings leading to the Federal Reserve, conglomerate businesses, and international banks... It has power by unlimited resources, and makes money on both destruction and reconstruction... and has the amazing ability to print money out of thin air, and over several generations we have been manipulated to lose sight of what we are in relation to what we were, and where we are going belongs to them... And as we have left our future, and our children's future to them, with a debt slavery of 17.3 trillion and 51 percent looking for government assistance... Our lives, most certainly, are in their hands... Slaves? What else could you call it? Do we have even a semblance of control over our lives? And it must be understood that in order to control our government, we must first control ourselves... Good luck with that... take a look around you, for just a moment... People walk around like everything is just fine... Some, if you look, will seem like zombies... They eat the crumbs, like peanuts given to a zoo animal, and polish their collars with something akin to pride. But it isn't pride. It is something else entirely. It is slavery of the spirit, the most vile and despicable of slavery... an ever widening myriad of hooks created for the welding lusts of power and control... Liberty and tyranny can not coexist!

Our true nature...

This concept will not be popular, because it is selfless in nature. Most who started reading this, will not continue because the concepts are difficult to imagine in a world hidden from view... A world of lies and deceit...

Last election we saw first hand that it is all a dog and pony show... and the men we thought might help us were not allowed in the process... Without a doubt, to abolish the Federal Reserve and the IRS will endanger us, and this is scary in the extreme... What if we were able to actually push government and the manipulators out of our way... what then? What would we replace them with when most all Americans know nothing about the broader picture in what can only be described as a New World Order? Would we now be allowed to make our own decisions without the influence of Government? And what of our laws? Abolish them in one splat called Anarchy by a physical rebellion, an insurrection, a revolution? In the middle of the fray, without a doubt, there would be attempts to destroy us on many levels... False-flag confusion will fill the air-waves they control, and they will try to push us over the edge with another world war, growing and dominating government, and the further shredding of our constitution if in fact it exists at all with the NDAA and Patriot Act two... If you want to destroy America, just turn out the lights for a week... We are like little children running around with toys, as the playroom is locked from the outside... What has been lost will take nothing less than an intellectual revolution to combat, and I fear, as of yet, we are not collectively prepared...

It seems a human frailty, a basic human nature you might say, not to truly appreciate much of anything until it is taken away. Even threats do not promote safeguards most times... Trusting optimism and reliance can instill laziness in a society, and concepts such as liberty and truth are not appreciated or understood until the yoke is felt...

Even the most important individual assets, like good health, is not valued until lost. We don't think or give thanks for health, for instance, until we or someone close to us loses it. When we feel good we leave our guard down, thinking we are bullet proof, and we have a natural tendency to push the envelope not thinking of consequence... yes, it is our nature... and believe me, those who control us know our natures very well... so we must learn theirs...

With this same fundamental regard, it is human nature to trust that those in power have our own best interests at heart, and when the realization comes to us in a flash of insight that we have been betrayed, it seems almost too much to bear... By that time, not only is it lost, but we don't collectively remember what it originally was, much less how to get it back... Do you see this? Do you understand what I'm saying here?

Defining what is engulfing our nation must be handled from the inside out. We must look into ourselves first, at both our failings and our strengths realistically, and with time and education, move toward a positive goal...

We can take back America only if we have the proper mind to make it so... We have to control our collective minds, and move as one, or we will continue to lose...

As we mostly live our lives in our created-for-us-micro-cosmos, we sometimes have a hard time seeing much of the total picture, and what makes this world actually tick. Only when it affects us directly do we look around and attempt to take notice... What we have slowly become, in minute detail, was designed a long time ago, and sold to us as a displacement of our founding principles... principles that are difficult to hold as we gorge ourselves like there is no tomorrow... It manifested itself in almost undetectable increments, and who we have become in mind and body has been injected as an original thought... We have been listening for so long, played for so long an endless loop, our creative aspect that formulates an original though and our liberty is stymied... Most can no longer formulate an original thought, because this concept, to find truth, comes from doing your own homework, and that is hard work... but that is where true insight is born... Insight is laborious, and it comes from something difficult to acquire by the use of fee will, and a gift from God as much as our concept of Liberty... as both are God inspired.

Out of indolence, fearfulness, ignorance, immorality and lack of individual responsibility... Ideals like liberty is sacrificed for the nebulous and cognizant lies of safety and security, and both liberty and the guiding hand of truth is the trade...

Collectivity is not the elimination of diversity, quite the opposite, but a means to find enough commonalty to come together for a cause... Uniting for a common cause is the only way that "We the People" can take back government, and make them accountable to us. It comes from a savvy, fearless, and determined populous, directed with a purpose bigger than themselves... Unfortunately, this utopian concept has not once materialized in this big and beautiful world... but by the continued domination by a power-elite that grows and changes terminology and colors with each generation... Know this, not once has a lost liberty ever been returned without bloodshed. Never in the history of mankind! But perhaps this time will be different... Perhaps we can learn the game? But can a moral and ethical person actually fight a foe that would stop at nothing, even turn brother against brother to further their agenda? An entity so evil, it would see America destroyed if it tried to break free of their yoke? A place where rules do not exist, where anything and everything is considered fair... and nothing is greater then their own selfish concerns... not love, not honor, not even accountability... And it is indeed a war, for our minds, our fortunes, and yes, our very souls...

Like no other time in our history, though many have said this sentiment long before 1776, we seem poised on a knife's edge. A threshold where structures, social, religious, and economic, are in question, and attempts at replacement seem grounded not as much for the good, but for a new opportunity to make money, and to substantiate a lasting power...The diversity, the sheer magnitude of these challenges seem insurmountable to the masses of men who think themselves victims, and seemingly without power and the organizational skills necessary to make a dent... and what opposes us seems invincible...

I say there is hope.

Though ignored and shredded, we have a framework that can still inspire us, and with that truth we can overcome anything presented. It is called our Constitution and Bill of Rights...All we need is the will... We will be strong as a nation when men and women of every color, every religion, every social standing, every political standard, reaches out for the good of America... That we were once a land of opportunity, of mutual respect, of individual responsibility, might suggest the possibility of joining hands and hearts as one nation under God to safeguard the American dream... Yes, it seems doubtful because it has never been done on this magnitude... We are bankrupt both economically and morally... But the light of Liberty from tyranny has indeed ignited, and an idea whose time has come, will save us, one way or the other...

Anthony Robins once said in a speech: "Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe he can achieve." rings true... Above all others, this sentiment is the most compelling of all American standards, unencumbered by a regime whose inspiration is self preservation at all cost, selfishly and wantonly motivated by vampirism, deceit, and irresponsibility.

Take heart, there are indications we are moving in the right direction... If we can hold the IRS responsible, find the truth of Benghazi, and 9-11, perhaps it will create a domino effect! Give me Liberty!

George Washington (1789–1797)

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

"Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder."

"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth."


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