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Can DMC right the ship for Capcom?

Combos everywhere!!!
Combos everywhere!!!
Cory Wells

Capcom has had it kind of rough of late, in terms of criticizing titles. Devil May Cry itself has taken a lot of flack ever since the original picture of the new Dante was released. With the game finally being released on January 15th, most people have had a chance to play the demo including myself. Can Capcom finally please fans with the new Devil May Cry?

The new Dante. Get over it.
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Between Resident Evil 6 and Street Fighter x Tekken in 2012, fans haven't been pleased with Capcom has brought to the table. Dragon's Dogma is where Capcom struck gold last year. The demo for DMC, however, is proving quite worthy of the franchise. The new Dante helps support the new art design and direction of the title. The most important aspect, in my opinion, is that DMC plays like all the rest. The game will be a streamlined, hack-and-slash experience. There will be small puzzles to solve, platforming, and tons and tons of combos, never ending combos.

Hopefully, Capcom won't go down the road of making it an action movie with interactive cut scenes as they did with Resident Evil 6. I think even with the new design, fans will know what to expect from this game and not be caught off guard. The demo showed off excellent graphics that were colorful and smooth. The camera could be an issue at times, just depending on the area. The controls are also extremely responsive as the game is expectantly quick.

Now that I know what to expect from the gameplay, I am very eager to see the story direction in this game, and also some of the boss fights. DMC has always seemed to have epic boss battles. Hopefully helping Capcom redeem themselves, DMC looks to be a great game to start off 2013 with.


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