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Camp Geiger Marine accused of killing his wife

Marine Sgt. Christopher Skaggs
Onslow County Jail, Mug Shot

A horrible case of domestic violence has left the wife of Marine Sgt. Christopher M. Skaggs, 32, dead of a gunshot wound. Marine Corps Times broke the story earlier today.

The Camp Geiger based Marine was arrested in connection with the death of his wife who was found Sunday night at the family home. Skaggs is being held without bond at the Onslow County Jail on murder charges.

Reports indicate that police were called to the home of Sgt. Skaggs about 9:45 p.m. following a “shots fired” call. Police found 31-year-old Jordan Skaggs dead of multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. Initial allegations indicate that Sgt. Skaggs “went into a rage” before getting his weapon and firing at his wife.

The incident is being investigated by Onslow County detectives. Since it was an off-base incident, is not being investigated by the Marine Corps although they are cooperating fully with law enforcement.

The murder weapon was recovered.

Sheriff Ed Brown spoke out to WITN News saying the couple has three children, although the ages were not listed. The children were swimming at a neighbor's pool at the time of the shooting.

Skaggs is a three-time deployed infantryman working in the logistics section of the Infantry Training Battalion at Camp Geiger. He deployed to Iraq twice and once to Afghanistan.

Camp Geiger is part of Camp Lejeune Marine Base Complex, although not geographically connected.

The Infantry Training Battalion course is designed to prepare Marines in all manners of field-craft, including knowledge and skills to perform as machine gunners, mortarmen, riflemen, assaultmen and tank gunners. The nine-week course includes intensive training on fighting positions as well as patrol techniques in the swamp lands of Camp Lejeune.

More information will be released by the sheriff's department as the investigation progresses. Authorities did not release information on where the children were placed Sunday night.

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