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Cambridge community social media page leads to rescue of trapped blackbird

A blackbird stuck in an old air conditioner unit created a ton of drama on a Facebook page. Read more.
A blackbird stuck in an old air conditioner unit created a ton of drama on a Facebook page. Read more.
Spotted in Cambridge Facebook page

Firefighters in Cambridge, UK were called to save a blackbird trapped in an alleged electrical box on Drummer Street early last week reported the Cambridge News. What makes the incident notable is the ruckus that occurred trying to help the bird reunite with her mate who was frantically flapping around the other bird's metal prison.

A Facebook page titled "Spotted in Cambridge" posted the following last week:

"Can anyone that has wire cutters or bolt cutters please go to Drummer Street; there's a wire electrics' box that has a bird stuck in it and nobody would help us get her out. "

The Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Services were called, but couldn't find the bird.

And then the drama began. First there were statements about the trapped bird being a pigeon; with several posts suggesting to leave the bird to suffer and die. More importantly, however was the risk of possible harm to anyone cutting electrical wires. Posted remarks ranged from warnings, to accusations of being drunk, and to the dangers of irresponsible rescue attempts.

Fortunately, the next day, the RSPCA was able to confirm the exact location of the bird at Christ's Piece; she had been trapped in an old air-conditioning unit.

The fire department was dispatched and the bird was free. An elated animal advocate stated:

“Me and my auntie saw it on Facebook and as animal lovers went to help. The firefighters freed the bird. It had a nest nearby and its partner had been flying around the box in distress. It is so cute they’ve been reunited.”

The fire department urged everyone not to endanger themselves when trying to rescue wildlife.

On Monday morning, "Spotted on Cambridge" noteworthy community post complained about:

"Stupid man on the train leaving Cambs decides to smoke a cigarette! Thanks now I get to sit here for ages while it stinks like an ashtray, bloody disgusting."

Two birds are reunited and nurturing their nest, while a stupid man smokes. Life continues.

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