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California earthquake causes major concerns in the North Coast

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A California earthquake possibility off the North Coast of the state has researchers fearing the worst. According to the Los Angeles Times on March 12, if a 9.0 California earthquake hits the North Coast, it could have what they call a “catastrophic” ripple effect.

The news comes just a few days after a 6.8 magnitude California earthquake hit the stats on Sunday night. That earthquake was followed by numerous aftershocks, although there was no damage and no injuries reported in the sparsely populated northern region.

However, a 9.0 magnitude quake could cause a tsunami that could possibly wash away coastal towns, destroy the U.S. 101 and cause up to $70 billion in damage over the Pacific coast. It is very scary to hear that a 6.8 caused no damage but a 9.0 could destroy the coast and kill a reported 10,000 people.

The scientists who published this report said that people would have less than 15 minutes to seek higher ground before perishing in the oncoming tsunami. The reason is the Cascadia fault line.

While not as famous as the San Andreas fault, scientists have started to believe that the Cascadia is more dangerous than they originally thought. The area has produced six California earthquakes over 7.0 in the last 100 years. The danger would come to not only California, but also Oregon and Washington.



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