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Cab driver says UFO used Morse code

The Philadelphia cab driver reports using Morse code to communicate to a UFO - and the object used Morse code to communicate back.

A Philadelphia taxi cab driver reported an incident with a UFO sighted along Route 76 east between the Conshohocken and Belmont exits where the object communicated in Morse Code, according to April 2, 2014, testimony in Case 55170 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness is recalling the event from memory and places it in either October or November of either 1981 or 1982 at about 3:25 a.m. He was operating a taxi cab business at the time. At 3 a.m., he was hired to drive someone to the Sheraton Hotel in Valley Forge, about a 25-mile trip. After making that trip and stopping to pick up a cup of coffee, he was returning to the city along Route 76 east, the Schuylkill Expressway.

The event took place somewhere between the Conshohocken and Belmont exits.

"I noticed a very bright light in the northeastern sky that seemed to be floating in one spot," the witness stated. "I thought, why is a traffic helicopter out this early in the morning? Maybe a bad accident in front of me? I called on the CB radio and asked if a traffic jam was down the road. A truck driver answered me and said he didn't hear of any. I then found out he was behind me about quarter mile."

The witness described the object.

"As I got closer to the light I slowed down to get a better look at it - about 45 mph). Now I could see smaller lights around the bottom of this craft, flashing green, blue, red. I asked the truck driver if he saw the bright light out his left hand window. Then he told me he was looking at a very bright disk with little lights flashing on the bottom."

The witness pulled over just below and south of the object.

"I was just above the Spring Garden Street exit. My position was south and across from the Philadelphia Art Museum almost under a stone railroad bridge. Just then a truck passed me, and asked me on the CB if I was OK. I told him, yes, and asked if he would report what we were seeing. 'No way' was his answer."

The witness checked for sound coming from the object.

"When I rolled down my window to hear the whirl of the rotor blades, it then hit me that there wasn't any noise coming from this object."

The witness then tried to communicate with the object.

"For some reason I picked up the spotlight I used to locate house numbers, flashing it at the UFO. The craft flashed back from a smaller light in the very bottom center. It was mimicking me. Okay, let's try something here - and I flashed in Morse Code the word 'Hi' it flashed back 'Hi.' It must be a program to repeat back to the sender."

Then the witness attempted something more complicated.

"So then I flashed, 'My name is Charlie.' What I expected to receive and didn't is why I'll remember this for the rest of my life. They transmitted back to me, 'My name is Zon.'"

The witness looked back at the object, and it was gone.

"I scanned the sky and never saw it again. Stunned and shaking, I used the mobile phone to report what just happened. Three days later two men from the government, (their words) interviewed me and told me someone would be calling me to check on my sighting. To this day no one has ever called or asked about it."

Pennsylvania has a current UFO Alert Rating of 4 with a higher than average number of recent reports nationally. Pennsylvania had 20 UFO reports in March 2014 - the 7th highest reporting state - while California had 103 reports - the highest reporting state in the nation.

You can read more details about other recently reported cases at the UFO Examiner home page. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to

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