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Butchered racehorse remains found in West Miami-Dade buffer zone

ARM founder Richard Couto has been fighting the animal cruelty battle since 2010.
Richard Couto/ ARM

Animal Recovery Mission's founder, Richard "Kudo" Couto, reported on the remains of a racehorse found on Friday afternoon along Northwest 137th Avenue and 178th Street in West Miami-Dade.

"After a lifetime of entertaining people, this was his retirement! The horse was stabbed to death. ARM is investigating the crime," stated Couto.

Several garbage bags with the unused remains of the horse were found in a buffer zone to the Florida Everglades. According to Couto, the horse was a Quarterhorse, and had been tattoed on his lip and his hoof; the horse was estimated to be between three to four years old.

According to Couto, the animal had been butchered alive; the trauma around the horse's neck and head told his final torturous story. He had been stabbed in the heart and slowly bled out as his meat was cut away from his body as he writhed in agony.

The remains of the horse had been wrapped tightly in several plastic garbage bags, but the stench of the recent massacre attracted attention. For decades, the illegal practice of horse slaughter in Miami has continued as ethnic cultures still believe horse meat enhances male virility and cures diseases. In reality, horse meat commonly contains carcinogenic drugs banned from United States food animals to be used for human consumption.

In August 2013, the body parts of another horse that had been butchered alive was found on the pavement in the vicinity of 5295 Northwest 163rd Street in Miami-Dade. Months earlier, a woman's personal horse named Destiny had been led from her barn and butchered in front of her colt.

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Criminals found guilty in Florida of illegal horse slaughter face a mandatory minimum sentence of one year in prison and a $3,500 fine. Miami-Dade police and Couto will trace the horse's ownership through the tattoo identification and piece together the horse's history until its death.

Authorities are asking for the public's help. Please call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305)-471-TIPS (8477).

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Arrests have been made and guilty culprits have been sent to prison, but the massacre still continues.

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