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Bush mask good, Obama mask bad

British performance artist Mark McGowan began his bid to crawl for 72 hours across Manhattan on Thursday wearing a suit and a George Bush mask, as well as sporting a sign reading "Kick My Ass."If the left weren't so blatant and unapologetic with their hypocrisy, it wouldn't be so much fun to point it out.

Let's set this up.

Liberals hated the Bush Administration, so they would hear none of the show-respect-for-the-office nonsense. They publicly mocked him, often using vulgar sexual innuendo (commonly referring to a Bush and a Dick), profanity, and/or worse. Nothing was out of bounds when denigrating President Bush.

But let you show the slightest unintentional disrespect towards their president and all hell breaks loose, complete with a clarion call for sensitivity and a newfound respect for the office.

Dru Lechert-Kelly's classmates at Llewellyn Elementary School loved his imitation of President Barack Obama. But because some adults feared his act might be seen as insensitive, he was told he couldn't perform the act while wearing a costume mask of the president. With that, you can imagine my insensitivity when hearing about an incident in Portland, Oregon...

A mask similar to one President Barack Obama himself wore in a "Saturday Night Live" skit prompted a Portland school principal to ban a boy from performing while wearing it at his elementary school talent show after deciding the rubber likeness of the 44th president was "inappropriate and potentially offensive."

After Thursday's performance, the "crowd went wild," Dru Lechert-Kelly, 11, a fifth-grader at Llewellyn Elementary School in Southeast Portland said. But so did some of the adults in the audience.

"I talked to the parents who are coordinating the talent show, and they feel it's inappropriate and potentially offensive," Llewellyn Principal Steve Powell said.

When asked what was offensive about Dru's skit, Powell refused to discuss it.

"I won't say why it's inappropriate," he said. "I'm not saying anything to The Oregonian. Why? Because I don't want to."

There's a mature response from an authority figure.

So, you have it, folks.

Eight years of Bush parody and insults were considered okay and "free speech" by liberals. But a kid in school wearing a mask of the current White House occupant is considered "offensive" and "inappropriate" although no one will say why.

Let me take a stab at it.

Progressives are way too full of themselves and their sense of self-importance. They can mock their opponents all day, and they'll feel better about themselves. However, when you mock them, they lose their minds. They're too important to be made fun of, whether it be an over-the-top presentation, or with the use of logic-based retorts (with that spice of sarcasm) that send them storming off to their room, claiming that a response is beneath them.

What this really shows is just how feeble their arguments are once scrutinized and how thin their skins are once confronted.

A pitiful combination, to be sure.


  • lisa 6 years ago

    I think people made fun of Bush because he was a human punchline and an idiot. The day Obama turns into those things I'm sure the idiotic left will stick up for him as much as the idiotic right stood up for Bush.

  • Jane Doe 6 years ago

    Believe it or not this kid the most die hard Obama fan I have ever seen from an amazing family. This is horrible of the principal and I truly feel that it's an unexplained slap in the face to a great kid!

  • Michael Goforth 6 years ago

    Nothing in the article you site says anything about liberal or conservative. So what are you basing your contention on that this is a liberal thing?