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Burzynski cancer survivor gets married

A cancer patient from Burzynski: Part II, Hannah Bradley, still cancer-free after Antineoplastons treatment, lives to see her dream of getting married.

"Hannah Bradley, from "Burzynki: Part II" and still cancer-free after Antineoplaston treatment, and just got married to her partner Pete Cohen!"

Just days after the news surfaced that the Texas Medical Board has once again targeted a Houston-based doctor, in an attempt to rid the Western medical establishment of the threat he poses to their diseased monopoly, one of his many success stories has just gotten married.

It was announced Aug. 1 on the Facebook page associated with the documentary she was featured in that Hannah Bradley, 29, who after all else failed and was told to basically go home and die in a few short months by her Western-trained Oncologist in 2011, has actually lived to see her dream of getting married to her partner, Pete Cohen, and is now planning a life with the one she loves in 2014.

Thanks to what has already proven to be a medical breakthrough, dubbed “Antineoplastons” by the Polish-born doctor who discovered the cell-balancing peptides back in 1967, which allows irregular cells like cancer to regain the ability to destroy themselves as they are supposed to do, Hannah has now been able to experience one of life’s greatest joys and will continue to live on, currently cancer-free. While many others with the same and similar conditions to what she was suffering from, who haven’t been fortunate enough to have discovered Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, have been talked out of utilizing the treatment he provides, or haven’t been able to raise the money for the treatments because it is still not covered under mainstream insurance, will likely not survive much longer.

But getting to this point for both Hannah and Dr. Burzynski hasn’t been the easiest of roads. While Hanna teetered on the edge of life and death, prior to her inoperable brain cancer-curing Antineoplastons treatment in early 2012 that she was luckily able to raise the money online for, after a much suppressed Western medicine led her down the road to what was almost certain death, Dr. Burzynski himself has had to endure a cancer-like medical establishment that has been trying their best to prevent his practice from living on and thriving as well.

Despite the average American’s unwillingness to allow themselves to admit just how corrupt the Western medical establishment is and how far they will go to prevent a decline in the need for a rapidly growing sick-care industry that rakes in over a trillion per year and hundreds of billions for cancer alone, every legal attempt has been made to eliminate his ability to continue successfully treating people such as Hannah and the many others that were able to overcome their previously “incurable” diseases with his help. If one can call what they've been attempting to do to his practice "legal?"

Burzynski has made a discovery that is on the verge of breaking through what is still being sold by the industry as an insurmountable wall and the cancer establishment is not yet willing to give up on such a lucrative racket. Especially considering Antineoplastons itself is virtually toxic-free, further reducing the need for traditional petro-chemical-based pharmaceuticals, traditional western medicine simply cannot afford to allow these success stories to continue piling up and inevitably force the Burzynski name into every household in America and beyond.

The very reason only months after being again acquitted of similar charges and only weeks after being given the green light by the FDA to move forward with stage 3 clinical trials for certain types of cancer, the Texas Medical Board is at it again with a new round of frivolous charges. Which can only serve to potentially prevent people from being helped by treatments, when they would otherwise have nowhere else to turn, such as Hanna and her loving husband. Instead of ending up like another one of Burzynski’s former patients, Laura Hymas, who recently died after being denied further Antineoplastons treatments by the FDA, which had once worked to send her previously “incurable” cancer into full remission.

As of right now, however, because of a remarkable discovery that has yet to be eliminated and swept under the rug like so many other discoveries and inventions throughout the years, Hanna and her new husband Pete have a renewed promise of a long and happy life together. After a beautiful wedding that, had it been left solely to the eugenics-driven, money and power mad Western medical industry, would likely never have happened. mirror

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