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Burglar lurks over baby in crib: Home's security video shows creepy intruder

Police are looking for a burglar today, who made his way around a family’s home in Houston while they slept. This is every family’s nightmare to have an intruder in the home while you are fast asleep. What he did next made the homeowner sick when seeing this on the home’s security tape.

Burglar lurks over baby in crib, caught on the home's security cameras.
YouTube screen shot / Harris County Sheriff's Office

The burglar creeps over to where a toddler is sleeping and stops and stares at the baby in the crib before leaving. This is what the family saw the next day on their home's security tape after a neighbor alerted them to the fact that their house was robbed.

According to Click2, the family had no idea they were visited during the night or robbed until a neighbor called to tell them that their laptop and briefcase were found in the neighbor’s yard. The family, now realizing that they had been robbed, looked for other things missing. This is when they found $60 in cash missing from a wallet.

Having an intruder roaming around their home while they were fast asleep is disturbing enough, but what the family saw on the home’s security camera really freaked them out. The stranger who broke into their house made his way in and out of the rooms, but he stopped by their toddler’s crib for a few seconds to stare at the sleeping child, according to NBC News.

The home is on the 18200 block of Flint Hill Drive in West Harris County. Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying this man in the video. The burglary suspect is described as a Hispanic male between the ages of 16 to 18 years of age. He had the San Antonio Spurs logo on the brim of his New Era baseball cap. Behind his left ear, a tattoo is seen, which could possibly be images of Asian characters.

This shocked the homeowners and has the neighborhood on guard today. When the homeowner saw the “chilling images” of the man in his son’s bedroom, he got sick to his stomach. The dad said:

"As soon as I know we got broke into I went upstairs right away and check on him and kiss him so hard," he said. "I was so happy to see he's okay."

The burglar came through an unlocked front window and was in the house for about five minutes, according to the timed images on the security tape. The husband and wife usually set the alarm system, but they forgot this particular night. They have a dog, but the dog has been trained not to bark so he won’t wake up the sleeping toddler.

What the burglar could have been after in the toddler’s room perplexes the homeowner, who said there is nothing in there that would interest anyone over the age of three. This intruder had gall, he looked right into the security camera and mouths something to the effect of “I’m here and I don’t care.”

Police ask that anyone with information about the identity of this suspect in this case and /or his location to please call Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-TIPS713-222-TIPS or to submit a tip via the iWatchHarrisCounty phone app.

What doesn't sound right about this story?

The family didn't turn on the alarm system because they forgot and the intruder got in through an open front window, you can actually see this happening in anyone's home, you get lazy about locking up at night. How do you teach a dog not to bark at an intruder? This part seems a bit perplexing.

Anyone that owns a dog is going to be scratching their heads. Even if the dog couldn't bark, it should have been making enough spastic movements at the sight of the intruder to wake the dead, no matter how small the dog was.

Why would this intruder continue through the house once seeing the dog? He would have no idea that the canine was trained not to bark? Even if they used a bark collar (which is terrible), the dog should have made enough noise in movement. What do you think?


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