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Bungie talks newbie and veteran player interaction for 'Destiny'

What type of interaction do you want between vets and newbs?
What type of interaction do you want between vets and newbs?

An interesting question to ask when it comes to Destiny is how the player interaction between rookies and veterans will play out, but this is hopefully something Bungie has thought about and will make it a seamless transition for players of all abilities.

Recently, Bungie Studios' David Dague discussed how the development team is planning on balancing newbies and veterans as they choose to play together.

"Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, we want you to have opportunities to enjoy the action available in Destiny.

"It’s very important to us that Destiny doesn’t throw up obstacles between players who want to play with each other. No matter when a player decides to join the world of the game, they’ll be able to play with friends who have already become more powerful.

"This was very important to us as we started to develop the ways that people would share the experiences in this game," Dague said.

When you were playing with someone who was a much higher level in Borderlands 2, remember how difficult it was to kill any enemy? It was nearly impossible, granted the person you were playing with would be able to take down enemies and help you level up faster, but hopefully there will be some balancing of this in Destiny, allowing players of lower levels to defeat enemies too.

When you look at the scope of Destiny and how big this game is going to be, there will no doubt be players of all skill levels jumping in and out of the action, day-in and day-out. It would behoove Bungie to go ahead and make sure inexperienced players can keep up and enjoy playing with those who have invested more time into the game.

It's a 10 year project, Destiny is, so it'll also be interesting to see if characters will carry over from this first installment to the second, but that is jumping the gun a bit too much right now. Destiny will be launching this coming Sept. 9th.

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