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Bungie comments on ‘Destiny’ PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One disparities

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David Dague and Eric Osborne have further commented on the potential disparity between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of “Destiny” when compared to the PS4 and Xbox One iterations. In an interview with MondoXbox on Nov. 10, the two community mangers from Bungie were asked if the experience will be the same across all four consoles.

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David Dague and Eric Osborne stated that “Destiny” was built with “cross-platform” in mind. Although the shared-world first-person shooter should look better on next-generation systems, the gameplay will remain the same. One element that is included on all platforms is the use of smart phones to check stats, communicate with friends and set up meetings. You can find some screenshots of the video game in the slideshow near the top of this article and the comments from the two community mangers below (courtesy of MondoXbox):

Destiny has been conceived and designed to be cross-platform and interact with different tools, such as Smartphones. Surely the Next-Gen Console will ensure a better graphics and a better immersion in the game, but the philosophy and the pillars underpinning of the gameplay are the same for everyone. The use of smartphones will see game stats, get in touch with your friends and organize meetings inside Destiny. The fundamentals of this there are already in the Bungie Mobile Application that many users are using now to exchange information about the game.

In addition to working on the final product, Bungie is also preparing a multiplayer beta for “Destiny.” The online play test will be available for eligible players sometime during the early parts of 2014.

The launch of the shared-world first-person shooter should follow shortly after with a planned release set for the spring season of next year on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms. The software product will be published and distributed by Activision.