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Bullet kills sleeping boy: 8-year-old Detroit boy gunned down while sleeping

Stray bullets blasted through the wall of a Detroit townhouse struck and killed a sleeping boy early Wednesday morning. Police responded to a townhouse at the Brewster-Douglass housing projects on Detroit’s east side at approximately 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning and found Jakari Pearson in the street, bleeding out from a bullet wound to his chest.

Writes The Associated Press via MSN news on July 30: “Sporadic gunfire isn't an unusual sound in the Brewster Homes public housing complex in Detroit, but booming noises that shook [neighbor] Tenesha Higgins early Wednesday morning were way too close. Numerous shots were fired at an apartment building, with one piercing a wall and hitting an 8-year-old boy who was sleeping. The child — who Higgins described as a ‘good boy’ who loved playing baseball — died 45 minutes later.”

A man, described as a possible boyfriend of Jakari’s mother, allegedly is responsible for the shooting. The suspect, identified by media reports as only a “person of interest,” was said to have been involved in a domestic dispute with the unnamed mother. The man was not Jakari’s father.

Three shots were fired from the outside of the building, traveling through the boy’s bedroom wall and window. One of the bullets hit the 8-year-old in the chest as he slept. He died an hour later at Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

Jakari’s mom was also struck by a bullet, but her condition was not thought to be serious.

Higgins, who lives in the unit directly next to Jakari and his mom, described the shooting.

“I was just laying down to sleep,” the 30-year-old said. “I heard the gunshots. It sounded like it was literally in front of the house. I waited, then I heard screaming and police sirens. I opened the door and the boy was laying in the street.”

The violence has left Higgins and others shaken.

“I haven't been to sleep. I don't feel safe at all. I didn't go to work today. I didn't want to leave my baby,” Higgins said.

Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody said they “have a pretty good idea of who it is that we are looking for. Unfortunately, we can’t talk too much about that just yet as we are in the very early stages of this investigation. We hope the community continues to talk to us and feeds us information so we can track this individual down and get him into custody very quickly.”

The NY Post reported that “neighbors and passers-by started a makeshift memorial of stuffed bears, dogs and other toy animals on the front porch of the home. Propped on the toys were handwritten cardboard signs that read: ‘Children Are the Future!’ ‘Give Our Children a Chance’ and ‘United We Stand… Stop the Violence!’”

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