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Budds Creek's favorite local racer Tony Archer will race Pro Nation Saturday

Glen C Hoffman

Waldorf, MD's Tony Archer will race the best in the world Saturday July 12, 2014 at Budds Creek Motocross Park for round 7 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

Ken Roczen shows off his whips at High Point National June 14, 2014
Glen C Hoffman

Tony is a favorite among the Budds Creek fans because of the results he has racked up there over the years during some of their local events. He is also a Budds Creek fan favorite because of the results he brought home from the many District 6 races he competed in over the years. And who can forget Motorama this past February when Archer was the only rider to take a win from the talented Steve Roman. It wasn't a main event win it was the exhibition Dash-for-Cash race which some may not put as much credit on but a win is a win and when there is cash paid for each lap led you can rest assured it is a win Tony Archer will gladly take as well as a win that will garner more fans.

I'm sure the Archer fans already noticed this but if there is anyone out there that hasn't I'll tell you now, Tony Archer has a cool style! On his Traders Racing backed Kawasaki KX450 Archer has never looked better and his style is a joy to witness. Part of his "cool" style comes from his whips. They are just amazing, especially over the big stuff where he can get that ever longed for air time. Of course if you've seen his infamous Sleepy Hollow crash last year at the 2-stroke shootout race during the best whip contest you might have second thoughts on his whipping abilities. Of course if you don't count the landing you would still consider it a nice whip because he did look good in the air. But there are times, many more than than the Sleepy Hollow incident I might add, where Archer has had better whips and still completed successful landings and those are the whips that thrill the crowd the most.

Big air and huge whips may be crowd pleasing but getting back to the ground and back on the power is the fastest way around the track and that is why a lot of riders scrub the faces of jumps. After all this is racing and the goal is to have the fastest laps and cross the finish line first. This "Scrub" maneuver is spectacular to witness also and will be preformed by the best in the business Saturday. Remember the "Bubba Scrub" was made famous at Budds Creek in 2003 by James "Bubba" Stewart. Well there are many others who've master this technique like current 450cc Class points leader Ken Roczen. Ken is arguably one of the best scrubbers right now but Budds Creek's native Tony Archer has scrubs that are worthy of being on the same list as Ken Roczen and James Stewart.

Budds Creek has plenty of big jumps that will thrill the crowd this Saturday no matter if the rider is whipping or scrubbing or just racing. This is because when you have all the top motocross riders in the world at a Pro National you have more than just who is winning you have the thrill of the motocross technique and the individual style of each rider which is cool to watch no matter which position they cross the finish line.

How will Tony Archer, Steve Roman and all the other D6 riders fit into the mix this Saturday? There is never an easy answer to that but that is why Pro Motocross is so appealing to the the Budds Creek locals and that is why they will all be there this Saturday July 12, 2014 at the Budds Creek Pro MX National. Will you?