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Bryan Fischer wants homosexuality illegal "because I love black males"

On February 7th, 2014, American Family Radio's Bryan Fischer decided to mark National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day by claiming that it is for the benefit of "black males" that he wants homosexuality to be made illegal.

Bryan Fischer
American Family Radio

Fischer began by reading a CDF fact sheet which notes that "blacks make up only 12% of the U.S. population but had nearly half (44%) of all new HIV infections in the United States in 2010."

"This is black genocide," Fischer declared.

Fischer, who has made countless appearances on the National Political Rebuttal for outrageous anti-gay comments, proceeded to claim that his latest reason for wanting homosexuality banned is because he loves black males.

"Let me put it bluntly," said Fischer. "If you are for the legalization of homosexuality, you are for the acceptability of homosexuality, you are for the normalization of homosexuality, you do not care about black males. You have no compassion in your black heart for black males because they're being decimated by HIV/AIDS."

"So why am I opposed to the normalization of homosexual behavior? Because I love black males. I want black males to live long, prosperous, healthy, disease-free lives."

Ignoring the fact that Fischer apparently could not give a flying crap about black women, it might have been more believable if Fischer was concerned about the HIV/AIDS epidemic if he were not contributing to the Religious Right's misconception that it is strictly a gay-related disease.

It also might have been believable if Fischer had not previously insisted that the first black president should be impeached for educational purposes, that only land owners (which many African Americans are not) should have the right to vote, and that pro-Jim Crow Phil Robertson is an "American Hero".

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