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Bryan Cranston says final farewell to ‘Breaking Bad’ in Golden Globes speech

Bryan Cranston gave fans a nostalgic speech on Sunday night at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards. Cranston won the Best Actor in a TV Drama for his role as Walter White in the hit series, "Breaking Bad." The moment of acceptance was bittersweet as the actor acknowledged that this was his goodby to the popular show "Breaking Bad." According to this is Bryan Cranston's fifth nomination and first win of a Golden Globe.

Cranston said: "This is such a lovely way to goodbye to the show, that meant so much to me. I was always very grateful that the show resonated with American audiences, but now through this, and the Hollywood Foreign Press, everyone around the world will be able to share in 'Breaking Bad''s mirth and merriment." The crowd laughed heartily at his description of the show.

It is hard to believe that this show ever had a problem with low viewership. The show was so popular that at times people might have felt like an outcast if they weren't watching it. The show created by Vince Gilligan who portrayed Walter White (Bryan Cranston) as a struggling high school chemistry teacher. White was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer at the beginning of the series. Over the course of a couple of years White turns producing and selling meth to make his family financially stable.

Cranston also called AMC network "very courageous" for producing the show and told Sony Television that he loved them. Cranston then thanked his beautiful wife and said goodnight to all.

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