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When Adrian Broner started talking during his post fight interview last Saturday night, I immediately started to cringe. His remarks towards Mexican’s were completely out of line, and some say that what he said was racist. I know this much, if it wasn’t racist, at the very least it was repulsive. Every time this guy opens his mouth on camera it’s just a matter of time before he says something that makes people cringe, and at the same time he makes himself look like an idiot.

Honestly speaking, I’m not sure if Broner even realizes just how bad his reputation is getting. Nobody with an ounce of integrity or morals appreciates the behaviors that he displays. Recently the WBC suspended him from all WBC affairs. They removed him from their rankings, and he will stay suspended until he offers a public apology for his rant against Mexican’s last Saturday night. I applaud the WBC for this move. It’s about time that someone put Broner in his place.

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Both inside and outside of the ring, Adrian Broner tries to be Floyd Mayweather, but it's only half working. First of all, inside of the ring he does not have the boxing skill set to come close to Floyd’s ability. Outside of the ring, the two have done and said some things that they shouldn't have. Floyd made some disrespectful comments about Asian people last year that pissed off a lot of folks as well. Both of them need to chill out with their remarks at other races.

Now why don’t I think Broner deserves a shot at Manny Pacquiao? Believe or not, it’s not because he was recently suspended. It’s not because he says repulsive things on live TV, and it’s not because of his out of the ring childish behavior. No, it’s none of them things. I don’t think Broner deserves a shot at Pacquiao because I think he’s an overrated fighter that hasn't earned his shot at Pacquiao. He got beat up by Marcos Maidana, and although he won his most recent fight, he didn't look spectacular doing so. Broner had his hands full Vs. Malignaggi as well. Some even think Malignaggi should have been given the win in that fight.

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Broner needs some impressive wins VS. Much stiffer competition before he deserves a shot at Manny Pacquiao. Hopefully he can accomplish two things. Hopefully he’ll grow up and act like an adult. Hopefully he’ll start winning some fights VS. A level fighter, then we can talk Manny Pacquiao. Until then? Nah.

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