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Spears workout yoga cardio drill debunks 'fake abs' rumor

Britney Spears' workout yoga cardio exercise routine has been revealed. And contrary to the rumors floating around that photos of her six-pack abs were fake or "airbrushed," the "Piece of Me" singer, currently in full swing with her Las Vegas residency, says what you see is what you get, citing a Jan. 6 Shape blog post.

Singer Britney Spears arrives at a welcome ceremony as she celebrates the release of her new album 'Britney Jean'
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Britney Spears says abs workout includes yoga and cardio circuit training and the buzz about her faking the funk is not at all true.

The pop diva shared an Instagram photo of her toned body as proof that effectively ruled out the tabloid talk. And while preparing for her residency show at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Vegas, Spears shared fitness secrets with Shape:

I'm doing 90 minutes of yoga twice a week in addition to a lot of cardio—hour-long sessions three times a week with my trainer, Tony Martinez." It's that simple.

The skepticism around her washboard abs is quite understandable. After all, celebrities are known to push the envelope in trying to maintain a camera-ready appearance, by any means necessary. Simply put, it goes with the territory.

After a Salon staff writer recently offered what he believes was a living obituary of Spears' declining music career, it was obvious that, despite her monumental accomplishments, she was not spared harsh criticism.

Writer, Daniel D'Addario, shared his take on the pop star in his Jan. 3 " Why Do We Want to See Britney Spears Perform?" story. There, he sympathetically explores what he believes is a career that has exceeded its shelf-life.

He begins by saying, "Everyone loves a comeback..," where he revisits Spears' six year public fight over child custody, conservatorship, and a pattern of bizarre behavior likened to a mental breakdown.

Then, he raises his main point by saying:

However, as time has gone by and Spears' career has extended far beyond the brief moment after the 'Circus' release that indicated she was doing well, it seems barbaric that Spears is still performing. Her press interviews and her recent documentary 'I Am Britney Jean' are, generally, composed of banalities, as though both journalist and subject are frightened something will go wrong, except when they're chilling and sad: She recently told InStyle that she wants a daughter so as not to “feel as alone in the world anymore."

The Atlantic did a rebuttal post that suggested celebrities like Spears, who wish to extend their legacies by starring in a Vegas act are not unheard of. Moreover, it's their prerogative and by all accounts, healthy.

Spears launched her multi-show debut in Las Vegas on Dec. 27 and so far, critics have played nice with reviews. And while there are some remnants of classic Britney; there are elements that show she has matured over the years with her onstage persona.

I'm going to definitely do the greatest hits, but I'm going to have to put some of my new material in it to keep it fresh," Spears said, referencing her new album, "Britney Jean."

Perhaps, now the Spears workout yoga cardio story has been laid to rest.


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