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Britney Spears rocks Las Vegas after low carb diet weight loss and yoga

Britney Spears has lost weight on a low carb diet.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Britney Spears recently took some time off from her Planet Hollywood show. She went on a low carb diet, immersed herself in working out and now is proudly flaunting her weight loss as she resumes her "Piece of Me" schedule, reported the Las Vegas Sun on August 14.

After sharing an Instagram photo showcasing her sleek physique, Britney declared, "I've been working hard this summer and am so ready to bring it to the next round of shows." She's set for 14 dates prior to a fall vacation.

Celebrity trainer Tony Martinez has helped Britney stick to her low carb diet. To boost her metabolism, he's guided her through workouts that range from cardio to yoga. The fitness routine includes three one-hour cardio sessions and two 90-minute yoga classes weekly.

"I’m coming back in top condition and running at full speed," boasted Britney. "It was hard because I love high-carb foods like chocolate chip cookies and spaghetti."

Tony designed the workouts to improve Britney's endurance and boost her weight loss. "It also included a mix of ab workouts, treadmill runs and treadmill exercises walking backward at different intervals and walking forward," he said.

Britney's trainer has even created a jazzy label for the routine. He calls it the "Four B's," reported the International Business Times on August 14.

The "Four B's" emphasize variety. Tony instructs Britney to do basketball jump shots and biking for the first two rounds. Her backward walking and balancing on one leg doing medicine ball slams help her coordination. In addition, Britney does rounds of abdominal work to tighten her famous six-pack abs.

Although Britney hasn't discussed precisely how much weight she has lost, Tony's emphasis on maintaining muscle mass is key to boosting her fat loss. Idan Ravin, who trains Carmelo Anthony and helped him lose weight recently, believes losing fat should be the main goal, reported the New York Post on August 14.

Ravin also emphasizes that cutting carbohydrates is the best approach for weight loss. And sticking to that high fat low carb diet is essential for permanent slim-down success.

"Making fundamentally sound choices, eating smart calories, not wasted calories," said Ravin. "We go out to eat, he’s making good choices."

And like Britney, Anthony has been dedicated to his diet and workout, said Ravin. "He’s been super diligent on his diet, extra cardio, rest."

Weight loss combined with exercise has made Anthony "very fit." It's not just losing pounds, though. "It’s decreasing body fat. It’s a piece, just like flexibility and strength," Ravin added, confirming Tony's approach for helping Britney get her best body.

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