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Britney Spears autotune flub: Track leak puts new spotlight on singer

Britney Spears receives more criticism for her singing ability.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for EJAF

A Britney Spears track released before autotune is at the center of the latest drama for the pop star. A leak of the song "Alien" hit the Internet recently, and the track gave fans a real look at the singer's vocals. The track features Britney's raw vocals before editing. CBS News shared the audio of "Alien" on July 9.

Britney Spears is not new to the music business. Her first single hit the airwaves in 1999, but before that, she appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club on Disney with Justin Timberlake, J.C. Chasez, and Christina Aguilera. Spears' music received criticism in the past, but this leaked track is causing even more criticism for the singer. Her vocals on this track are just not good. She started out as a very good singer, but a person's voice can change with time. Spears does not hide the fact that she smokes either, and smoking is known to damage a singer's vocal chords with time.

Is that the case here? Has Spears lost her voice? Alternatively, is this leaked track showing just how much work has gone into her voice in the studio after her time behind the microphone is complete? William Orbit defended Britney's vocal on "Alien" this week though. He produced the track for the singer, and he stated on his Facebook that the track featured her warming up in the studio. His Facebook message stated the following:

"Whomever put this on the internet must have done so in a spirit of unkindness, but it can in no way detract from the fact that Britney is and always will be beyond Stellar! She is magnificent! And that’s that."

"Alien" received a large amount of criticism following its leak. However, this will not be the last time Britney Spears has her vocals criticized by the public. Is Britney Spears the best singer in the business? She is not by any means the best. Fans know that. Spears is a performer and an entertainer. Fans will see her perform on stage. Britney does not sing live on stage. She dances around and performs for her audience. The singer received criticism in the past for that too.

With this new track leak, fans are wondering if her lack of singing live on stage is due to her lack of talent. That is not stopping her career though. Britney does not care about the criticism. Daily Mail shared photos of the singer stepping out on July 8. Britney stepped out to pick up some coffee. She is not hiding away.

Currently, the singer is busy at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Britney has a stage show though, and the hotel wants to extend her contract for another two years apparently. That would keep Britney busy through December 2016. How much is Britney making for her Las Vegas stage show? A huge payday of $30 million enters her bank account for this endeavor. It is likely she will earn more for her next contract.

The leak of "Alien" shows that a lot of work does go into Britney's voice. Was it just a warm-up track like Orbit claims? There is no way to know for sure. The only people that know that with any certainty are Britney and those she worked with that day.

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