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Briggs & Riley luggage a profitable item to sell on eBay

Briggs & Riley is some of the finest luggage available.

Savvy eBay sellers are constantly on the hunt for used items that can be purchased at a low price and flipped for 10 or 20 times the purchase price. Briggs & Riley is high end luggage that retails for between $100 and $600. Resale prices on eBay can be over $300 for a used piece in good condition. Luggage can often be found at thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales for less than $10 per item.

Many sellers shy away from selling luggage on eBay. Luggage is big, bulky, takes up room to store, and can be expensive to ship. The advantage of selling luggage on eBay can be the high profit margin, and really, it isn’t too difficult to ship since it it made to be tossed around during travel. Large boxes that will accommodate luggage can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or Lowe’s for less than $2. Include some cushioning in the box such as brown Kraft paper or crumpled paper grocery bags and the item is all set to be shipped.

So what makes Briggs & Riley so great? Briggs & Riley creates strong, durable, stylish bags for frequent travelers. Since many airlines are now charging a significant fee to check baggage, and travelers want to avoid this fee, a sturdy yet compact carry-on is even more important. Briggs & Riley responded with “Baseline CX, the world's lightest expansion-compression luggage.” ( They also offer a lifetime guarantee that covers airline damage and normal wear and tear on every bag they make.

Expect great resale prices on this brand in used condition on eBay. For example:

Carry ons can sell for up to $300

Garment bags can sell for up to $400

Rolling wardrobes can sell for up to $275

Duffle bags can sell for up to $150

Tips for buying luggage to resell:

Carry-ons sell well but must be a particular measurement to qualify with the airline as an allowed carry-on. Keep a measuring tape with you to verify the dimensions are allowed as a carry-on. (No dimension can be over 22 inches and the total overall dimensions of length, width, and height can be no more than 45 inches.)

Make sure all wheels and pull handles work. If an expensive bag, it may be worth taking to a luggage repair shop for a minor repair. A $20 repair on a $10 bag that will sell for $250 is a good investment.

Check for rips, stains, or other damage on the fabric parts of the bag.

Look inside all pockets and compartments before listing, especially if purchased from a yard sale or estate sale. Hidden treasures like cash, jewelry, or other items may have been left inside from the original owner’s last trip.

Don’t be shy, start digging through the piles of luggage at the local Goodwill because big ticket items can be hiding there.

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