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Brenton Tyler Hoffmann and his struggle against Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease was said to have been discovered in Lyme, Connecticut in the year, 1975. It was ascertained to be brought upon by the bite of an infected tick which is the most common method that the disease is transmitted to humans in the continental United States. The first symptoms include headaches, fever and debilitating fatigue. Although it can be treated by antibiotics if diagnosed early on, some individuals that are infected can discover the condition will lead to a chronic and a more virulent stage known that is known as Chronic Lyme Disease. Actor and musician, Brenton Tyler Hoffmann sat down with this columnist to discuss his valiant battle against his condition of Lyme Disease and how it has affected his ambitious dreams of being a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry.

Brenton Tyler Hoffman at a red carpet event.
Oscar Benjamin
Brenton Tyler Hoffman on the red carpet.
Oscar Benjamin

Brenton Tyler Hoffmann has all of the necessary prerequisites to be a successful figure as an actor or musician in the entertainment business. He is classically handsome with strong and solid facial features that are clearly designed for a leading man. He is also a self taught musician and lyricist who has impressed many with his Rap and Hip-Hop abilities which is even more amazing when witnessed in person as he has been known to entertain many on a film shoot with his entertaining rhymes. His career trajectory has been thrown off kilter by the advancement of the potentially terminal disease and he discusses his life and plans to conquer it!

Brenton begins, "a lot of times, Doctors will just right off their patients by telling them that they are crazy and it is all in their head. It is very controversial and very sad. People would get ill and sick. That is what had happened to me unfortunately. We would go to the Doctor to try to get answers and my family and I would get the runaround." Hoffmann continues, "I was born with it as it probably got passed through the birth canal. The symptomatic system makes sense because as a baby I would have seizures in my crib and a lot of weird stuff went on. Those are symptoms of Lyme Disease when you are a baby! My doctor also thinks I was reinfected at least once or maybe even twice when I got older!"

What are Brenton's current physical and mental challenges as an adult with Lyme Disease? Brenton Tyler Hoffmann addresses this question. He begins with a voice obviously touched with emotion. Hoffmann speaks, "the disease affects you physically and neurologically. Most days I slur my words! I can't speak and it is really scary stuff!" Hoffmann continues, "my career unfortunately is on hold right now. It is not worth it to me to go out there and make these commitments if I am sick! I wouldn't want to waste anyone's time nor my time because you know how it is in this worldwide Hollywood industry. You have to have a certain level of integrity because time is money and you wouldn't want to waste anyone's time."

There are many misconceptions and controversial opinions of Lyme Disease and Chronic Lyme Disease. The medical establishment has been divided about definitions and whether it or not it actually exists. Brenton Tyler Hoffmann advances his thoughts. Brenton speaks, "a lot of Lyme specialists are not in unanimous agreement with each other. They have their own protocols and things like that. It is a treatable disease, but in the latter stages it can be more difficult." Hoffmann details some of his outward signs. Brenton clarifies, "I am in the later stages of the disease. It is a miracle of God that I am not in a wheelchair! They actually did an M.R.I. a while back and found that about four or five vertebrates are protruding and damaged. They also saw that I have deterioration in my joints and that I have degenerative joint disease. My brain is infected by the Lyme which caused a white matter to form over my brain which causes dementia. My memory has been slipping on me!"

Brenton Tyler Hoffmann is not the sort to curl up in a fetal position and feel sorry for himself. He has started a GoFundMe site to raise awareness of his condition and also to raise much needed funds to battle for his life. Brenton explains, "I did a lot of research before I put the site out there. After everything is said and done-there is a minimum of two hundred thousand dollars needed in treatments! I have been living on peanuts since 2007 and it has been horrible!" Hoffmann continues, "I am an artist at heart and to lose your ability to express yourself musically and through my acting is tough because that is any artist's worst nightmare! I really want to get out there again and prove myself and prove everybody wrong! I have overcome a lot of stuff that I was supposed to die from and there are others that have overcome worse!"

Despite the almost insurmountable and daily challenges that Brenton Tyler Hoffmann continues to face, it is gratifying and inspiring to hear that he has not lost his spirit to live and overcome this sometimes fatal disease. This reporter first met Brenton Tyler Hoffmann at a charity red carpet event in Hollywood during the latter half of the year, 2010 and was immediately impressed by his likable and gung-ho nature. Subsequent encounters have been on motion picture sets and conventions. There has been a noticeable physical and mental deterioration, but Brenton Tyler Hoffmann's spirit remains stronger than ever. It is inspiring and if sufficient capital is raised then the physical state will surely match his spiritual side. For more information and to donate please follow the GoFundMe links below!

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