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Breast enlarging beer??


Woman enjoying beer Bulgarian brewers claim they have crafted the first beer specifically brewed to make a woman’s breasts larger. And local women claim it works!

Yavor-M Brewery in Ruse, Bulgaria, developed Boza, a lager tipple, as a health drink and lactation aid for new mothers who were having trouble breast feeding. When the increased bust size became evident, women rushed to the brewery.

While the brewery makes no claims as to Boza’s enhancement abilities, Yavor-M spokesman Kristian Gyoshev says, “We get hundreds of testimonials from women who say their boobs have gone up one or two cup sizes. “

Gyoshev goes on to say that Boza is a natural, healthy and fun drink, which just happens to be cheaper than surgery.

There’s no explanation on how the beer, brewed from fermented wheat flour and yeast, works, but local women swear by it.

Boza isn’t available in Nashville, so Tennessee women will either have to fly to Bulgaria for a beer or speak to their local importer. Either way could still be cheaper than surgery.


  • Brian Yaeger-SF Beer Examiner 5 years ago

    Crazy. Can't imagine how it could be true, but fun story!

  • Paul Hightower, Dallas Craft Beer Examiner 5 years ago

    It's called phytoestrogens, a compound found in hops. Let's face facts: all beer is breast-enlarging beer. Sad part is it's true for both men and women. :(

  • Peter - BetterBeerBlog 5 years ago

    If all beer has phytoestrogens because of the hops, then that would go a long way to explaining my "girlish" figure.

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