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Breaking updates on citizen defiance and gun smuggling

Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has been one of the most extremist anti-gun advocates in Congress.
Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has been one of the most extremist anti-gun advocates in Congress.
Photo by T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images

One thing is clear in the aftermath of new draconian gun laws that went into effect last year -- citizens are showing their defiance and their willingness to smuggle banned guns and accessories into the states that have shown their disregard for Constitutional rights.

In previous reports the Examiner noted that major gun control advocates, progressive politicians, and mainstream media news reporters have been the recipients of standard, high capacity magazines. The initiative was coined as "Toys for Totalitarians."

But in the intervening days since the previous reports, such activity has spread and some citizens have gone even further in defiance of new state laws that hamstring the right of ordinary citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Several reports have been received indicating that as many as 3000 of the high capacity gun magazines have been sent to various persons who pushed the bans on such magazines.

And in the wake of what gun rights activist and citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh calls a major success, more of these tactics are now underway, including the smuggling of "forbidden" guns to gun owners who live in states where the firearms control oppression has placed the jackboot to the throat of those who love liberty.

Specifically, this means New York, Maryland, Connecticut, California, and Colorado, among others.

Concerning the ongoing smuggling of guns, Vanderboegh states,

There is no doubt that the previously law-abiding folks who have now been made criminals by these tyrants will run afoul of the uniformed minions in the various states as the year progresses. There is also no doubt that we will continue to smuggle unregistered and forbidden items into these states, risking arrest ourselves. At some point, it is going to dawn on both the petty tyrants and their media toadies that there is a resistance to these unjust and unconstitutional laws. People could, and may well, be killed by the armed men they send to work their will upon us.

How this plays politically in the various states now well behind enemy lines will be interesting. The issue could very well deny at least one governor, Hickenlooper, his reelection. So there is no incentive for our side to quit. Indeed, although the Toys for Totalitarians program is over, the smuggling will continue.

The bottom line, in other words, is that citizen defiance, disobedience, and smuggling will be relentless. Gun rights activists and those who support their rights have no intention of backing off, even if it means their own demise.

Further, a major firearms company, Magpul, is pulling out of Colorado as they have been threatening to do ever since the state legislature and governor shoved unpopular gun control measures down the throats of citizens in the state.

The Washington Times reported on Saturday,

Officials at Magpul, which makes polymer firearms accessories, announced Thursday that the company will move its corporate headquarters to Texas and its manufacturing facility to Wyoming. Both are now based in Erie, Colo.

The relocation comes as a result of a measure signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper in March that limits ammunition-magazine capacity to 15 rounds. Magpul is among the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against the law.

Prior to the signing, Magpul officials told state officials that the company contributes more than $85 million annually to Colorado’s economy. The company employs 200 people and supports another 400 supply-chain jobs.

Hickenlooper and Democrats in the state legislature have paid a heavy price for their unwise vote to put the firearms restrictions in place. The vote could well cost Hickenlooper the governorship, and Democrats could well lose control of both the House and Senate in the state legislature. As Vanderboegh observes,

Meanwhile, Hickenlooper is as quiet as a mouse, frightened to death that the issue will cost him the election. His poll numbers, as I reminded him in his Toys for Totalitarians letter, are none too good already.

Gov. Hickenlooper was one of the politicians to whom Vanderboegh had sent an empty high capacity magazine, which has been banned in Colorado.

Democrats in the state apparently got precisely what they wanted when they passed the gun control measures. And several among the Democratic leadership in the legislature have stated that they still do not plan on repealing or rolling back the laws they passed last year, in spite of Magpul's decision to leave the state.

As for Hickenlooper, he remains mum on the issue.


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