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“Breaking Bad” symbolism

The cable TV show “Breaking Bad” stars Bryan Cranston as Walter White, Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, RJ Mitte as Walter White, Jr., etc. Wherein we will consider some of the occult symbolism within the show (all seasons except for the last one to which we are not, as of yet, privy).

Fair use, to illustrate article's context.

We will focus on the occult numbers 666 and 72, pyramid all seeing eye of Horus / Ra, upside down pentagrams and a pentacle, 666/okay hand sign, Ouija board and il cornuto / devil’s horns hand sign. See attached video for the footage from the show.

The premise of Breaking Bad is typical of all anti-heroes; someone behaves immorally and it is excused because they found themselves in a situation that we are lead to believe one left them one choice—to do wrong for their own good.

A false dichotomy is established whereby a person supposedly has no choice or, rather, two false choices; perish or be immoral.

In this case, “Walter White” has cancer and seeks to leave his family financial support via “cooking” meth. Along the way he murders many, many people plus those who will surely die from drug use who, even if they survive, will likely be devastated for life.

There is a scene wherein Walter White is awaiting his latest cancer checkup. A man who more recently was diagnosed with cancer is telling him about how the hardest part was “letting go, giving up control” since “man plans and God laughs.” Walter states that, that is, shall we shorten it to, B.S. and notes that since finding out he has cancer he does whatever he wants, “How’s in charge? Me!”

This scene actually sets the show’s premise as Walter literally lives by his own rules; “do what thou wilt”—Aleister Crowley.

On the show, Walter White is a chemistry teacher and this works nicely as a double for, in reality, basing the show on magickal alchemy as Walter is transformed by the realization of his own mortality. Part what cancer does for him is bring him face to face with his own mortality which causes him to become awakened.

The show, cleverly, tells a tale of occult alchemy hidden within a tale of scientific chemistry.


One interesting scene has Walter White’s meth cartel selling a liquid compound to another, neighboring meth cartel. At the meeting it is specified that one gallon was brought as a sample to be taken back and tested and, if approved, the other “665” would be delivered. Well, the math is not difficult: 1+665=666. It is even noted that 666 is a strange number but a tie is not drawn to the Biblical number of the name of the beast (see Revelation 13:18).


There are instances of pyramids and one eye symbolism, the all seeing eye of Horus / Ra.” Jesse Pinkman wears a hoodie with the pyramid and eye all over it and Walter White, Jr. is seen in a shirt with a large pyramid with an eye within it—front and center.

Also seen are two buildings shown which are a real part of the Albuquerque (where the show was filmed) cityscape. The top of the buildings are pyramidal.


“72” is an important occult number as it denotes the 72 demons that rule the world as per the Goetia, the first portion of the 13th century AD magickal grimoire, the “Lesser Keys of Solomon.”

The number comes up during a card game where two cards are displayed and focused upon; a seven and a two. Also, Jesse is given a specific 72 hours to vacate the home in which he lived.


These come up numerous times. They are seen as light fixtures at the home of a friend whom Jesse visits in an attempt to find a place to crash for a few days. Jesse has a pentacle (a pentagram within a circle) hanging off of his car’s rear view mirror. A woman with whom a young Walter White is speaking has a shirt on the front of which is filled with upside down pentagrams.

The dialogue between them is double speak as they are making a sensual reference but also one of materialism. Walter, the chemist, is accounting for the constituents of the human body but says that something is missing. She offers that it is the soul but, in a double speak manner, he implies that the soul is not simply missing, it does not exist as there is “nothing but chemistry”; Walter is alchemically uniting with the “sacred feminine.”


The hand sign is often thought of as solely being indicative of “Okay.” Yet, the circle forms the bottom portion of three sixes as each of the three curved fingers forms the upper portion of a six—666. It is displayed by Walter twice, his wife once, a fellow chemist once.


Although, within the show, for different purposes other than contacting entities. In the show it is used in order to understand a man without the ability to speak. His nephews move their fingers around the board whilst he indicates when they have landed on the right letters.


This sign is often disguised and confused with the “I love you” sign of sign language. Walter is seen making it whilst speaking to his chemistry students.


A shirt worn by Jesse features a skull with red lips and a tongue sticking out. While the outstretched tongue has been popularized by, well, every rock musician since the 1980s AD and the Rolling Stones in particular Mick Jagger revealed whence it comes. It derives from the Hindu false goddess Kali who is depicted with her tongue as such.
To make a long story short; Kali is battling an army of demons who reproduce even as she slays them as new ones are produced from the fallen blood of those slain. She figures that if she drinks up all of the demon blood they will cease from reproducing. Thus, she drinks an army's worth of demon blood and becomes so engorged that she begins triumphantly dancing and bounding.
Her stomping upon the Earth causes earthquakes so her husband Shiva is sent by the gods to get her to chill. She is in such a berserker frenzy that when she approaches her she murders him and stomps on his corpse...only to bring him back to life once she realized her oopsy.
Hear Prof. Jeffrey Kripal retell how Kali possessed him via the video found here.

Also shown are some of the character Jane Margolis (played by Krysten Ritter). I recall that she drew an ouroboros, a serpent eating its own tail but I do not recall in which episode.

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