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Break throughs and grace

Oprah recently interviewed Sue Monk Kidd. You may be familiar with her work, she wrote the book, The Secret Life of Bees, which was later turned into a movie.

Grace is all around us.
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In the discussion about her newest book, The Invention of Wings, the conversation was full of inspiration and worth sharing. Sue described God as being personal to her and existing beyond consciousness. It is amazing how our faith feels so personal but as we tap into our spiritual well it connects us with this greater whole and this instills the feeling of belonging to something bigger than ourselves.

It is apparent Sue’s spirit is soaring; she lit up the conversation. In her words, “Just to be is holy, just to live is a gift, I know this for sure!”

She talked about grace as being, “…[the] moment when something breaks through to us that feels undeserving…”. I think she is referring to our light bulb moments as Oprah calls them.

When was the last time you were touched by grace? For me, many times these break through moments surface while I meditate.

Sue continued, “… life is always talking to us and so eloquently, we just can’t hear it…as I get older, I try to love uncertainty more than I do certainties.”

Think about your world today and all of the uncertainty that surrounds it, wouldn’t it be more peaceful if you could be more comfortable with improbability?

Her thoughts on what’s really important, “What we pay attention to matters, when it’s all said and done, compassion and love is what we’ll care about…”

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