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Brazillian model cries fraud on "Virgins Wanted"documentary filmmaker

Virgins Wanted star claims director faked parts and lied
Virgins Wanted star claims director faked parts and lied
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A documentary on two virgins who auctioned off their virginities was supposed to be a smash, but now one of the subjects is claiming she was duped.

The Huffington Post interviewed Catarina Migliorini on July 9, one of the main characters in the documentary “Virgins Wanted”, who said that director Justin Sisely faked scenes and lied to her during and after the filming.

The 21-year-old said she was not aware that there would be a full-fledged auction for her virginity until it was announced to the media and that Sisely did not share any of the money.

“Justin made me believe this was a serious documentary about young virgins and said that there might or might not be an auction at the end of the documentary,” she said in the report.

The winning bid was reportedly $780,000 offered by Natsu, a Japanese businessman. Migliorini told HuffPo that when she the 53-year-old, he was not who the director had described. She said she never had sex with him.

Attorneys in Brazil said that if they had fornicated, that Sisely would have faced trafficking charges since money would have been exchanged for sex.

Sisely responded to her accusations by saying that footage in the film would prove wrong about the money and his intentions for the film.

He says she violated contract agreements during filming and did not follow the proper schedule.

"Aside from that, she failed to show up on filming days on several occasions. After being warned," he said in the report. "After two years and three visa refusals trying to get her to Australia, she left the country for a fashion show in Brazil during filming."

The Brazilian woman did benefit from the documentary even if it did not go as planned. She was featured in Playboy Brazil in January.

Sisely will show the film at MIPCOM in Cannes, France later in October and has plans to make it an ongoing series featuring modern-day virgins.

The male virgin, Alex Stepanov, has not brought up any accusations similar to Migliorini.


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