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Brazilian Day and Ivete's concert take over the long weekend in the City

Last year's Brazilian Day
Last year's Brazilian Day
Luís C. Ribeiro

The apple didn't seem big enough to fit all the people coming for both Ivete Sangalo's get down at the MSG and the Brazilian festival on the following day. Tonight, Brazil's greatest diva shakes things up around the Garden in an one night event before going to Toronto and work it there. Tomorrow, 46th street - or Little Brazil if you will - become stage to Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano, Carlinhos Brown, Luciano Huck and Margareth Menezes, among others. Besides the live gigs, food huts with tradiotional Brazilian dishes will be all around the place.

The Madison Square Garden is sold out for Sangalo's show later today. A few other artists, such as David Guetta, are expected to show up. However, one should be ready for high profile cameos like the likes of Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. Plus, she is known for putting on a wonderful live experience. Doors open at 7pm.

As for the Brazilian Day, the formula continues the same. Tons of food, big concerts and nine kinds of crowded. It starts mid-morning going on until nightime. Come early for shorter lines and better spots. The "tupiniquim" haps occur mainly on 46th street, between 5th and 6th avenues.

Is Brazil taking over the Island? Well, at least for the weekend, it is. Don't miss it.


  • sílvia almeida 4 years ago

    você consegue ingressos? eu adoro a ivete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! não to conseguindo comprar e já estou em ny, vou te mandar um email!
    adorei o texto

  • J.B. Carter 4 years ago

    I love brazilian food! can't wait

  • Jennifer NJ 4 years ago

    this is so good

  • Cezar, Nilo 4 years ago

    ela é otima, voce e excelente. novos sucessos sempre.

  • benja 4 years ago

    é nóis que tá cachorro!! they're never going waste their precious time finding a way to translate this, arent they? keep it up, great job

  • robert flanninham 4 years ago

    I'm at the concert right now! amazing! you might be here somewhere, right?
    she's is pure energy!

  • Janaina 4 years ago

    Eu fuuuuuui!!!!! Foi mto bom!
    Brazilian day vai ser melhor ainda!!!!

  • rose silveira 4 years ago

    oi, tudo bem? toda newark foi ao show, foi muito bom!
    você sabe se tem previsao dela voltar ou de alguém mais do axé vir tocar aqui?
    eu gostaria de saber
    tudo de bom

  • carl sr. 4 years ago

    great, great weekend! you brazilians know your stuff

  • julliet collins 4 years ago

    I'm pretty sure I saw at the brazilian day. you have a beard now, don't you?
    were you hanging at the "pashtel" hub?

  • s. benton 4 years ago

    it was really pleasant.
    i wish i could have been in toronto as well

  • james DeLaprieta 4 years ago

    good vibrations

  • A.k. 4 years ago

    where have you been? haven't seen you for a while, now.
    the scene misses its exotic piece, you know? haha

  • jackson bacharte 4 years ago

    wondering if she's married...

  • jackson bacharte 4 years ago

    oh, yeah, great writtiing by the way
    luv your stuff, bro

  • Profile picture of Nilo Ayer
    Nilo Ayer 4 years ago

    server is down for commenting, apparently. all the comments made so far are saved and will be re-published as soon as possible. as for the ones to be made, fire it away. let's see how it turns out.
    thanks for your patience.

  • matthew c. jones 4 years ago

    it's cool here, dude. I see them all.
    I dig your work, Nilo, keep it real, bro.

  • catherine ross 4 years ago

    first time here, congrats.

  • mark jarvis 4 years ago

    not my thing.
    the other ones you wrote about it, though, that's more like it.

  • cae robinson 4 years ago

    dude! write more!
    you kick ass!

  • N Eleanor 4 years ago

    please, tell me? why brazilian day don't show the true andl good brazilian music?
    it's just popular music, that doesn't means a good music.
    brazil has genius, its so unfair!

  • N Eleanor 4 years ago

    please, tell me? why brazilian day don't show the true and good brazilian music?
    it's just popular music, that doesn't means a good music.
    brazil has genius, its so unfair!

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