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Brazil overpass collapse kills 2 people near World Cup stadium

A Brazil overpass collapse has killed two people in a tragedy that could have been avoided. The overpass itself was unfinished, built specifically for the World Cup traffic, and fell onto several vehicles in Belo Horizonte. According to Yahoo Sports on Thursday, two people have died while 19 others were injured.

World Cup overpass
Photo by NationFM / Twitter

The Brazil overpass collapse occurred just three miles from the World Cup stadium. The bridge itself was supposed to be part of the improvements for the tournament that were delayed. According to a fire brigade spokesman, they were in the final stages of the construction when the accident happened. There was a crushed bus under the debris and 13 people were pulled out and saved, but the female driver was one of the two dead.

There have been five World Cup matches so far in Belo Horizonte and one of the semi-finals is scheduled for next week. According to reports, this was just one of many accidents to take place in preparation for the World Cup coming to town. There was also an unfinished monorail collapsing in June that killed one worker and injured two others. It seems that the Brazil overpass collapse might have just been another case of haste causing deadly dangers.

The overpass was supposed to be completed in time for the World Cup. There have been a lot of complaints about the Brazil spending heading into the World Cup, some claiming that money was pulled from schools and hospitals to prepare the city for the big event. Despite that, things were incomplete and now deadly.

According to CNN, the Brazil overpass collapse and the monorail collapse are just the tip of the iceberg and there have been several workers who have died on the work sites leading up to the World Cup. Photos by the BBC shows the bus crushed under the Brazil overpass collapse, as well as a car completely crushed as well.

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